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The Russian president, after recognizing the independent republics of Donbass, ordered his army to enter their territory on Monday evening, February 21, to ensure peace.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Then Donbass recognized the independence of the separatists
Ordered his army to enter Lukansk and Donetsk are pro-Russian separatist republics In order to maintain peace. By this decision, in fact, Russia has decided Sends its troops into the Ukrainian border: The West has been trying for weeks to avoid. The United States and the European Union have condemned it

Russia’s decision and announced Obstacles. The UN Security Council meeting took place tonight. It is unclear whether Moscow’s troops will be prevented from entering the territories controlled by the two self – proclaimed republics, or whether the republics will seek to seize the rights they claim: in this second case we will face Large-scale occupation of Ukraine by Russia.

The UN Security Council convenes in Italy at 3 am: the next few hours and days will be crucial. Rosemary DiCarlo, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, says the risk of a major conflict is real and must be averted at all costs. Ensuring the full commitment of the Secretary-General to a diplomatic solution to the current crisis. “We are grateful for the order to deploy Russian troops in eastern Ukraine,” he said.. US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said during an emergency meeting of the Security Council on Ukraine that Vladimir Putin was testing the international community and seeing how far our resolution could push us.. The attack on Ukraine is a threat to every UN body. It is an attack on the sovereignty of member states and the Charter of the United Nations, and the United States continues to rely on diplomacy as the only place to resolve differences quickly and responsibly – he continued.

Putin announced on live TV on Monday evening, February 21, 2022 Recognition of the independence of the two separatist republics of Lukansk and Donetsk.

As soon as this happened US President Joe Biden has signed an executive order banning new investments, Commercial and financial activities in the Donbass, as well as a ban on imports into the United States from that area. The White House has said this after Putin recognized separatists in eastern Ukraine. This is the first step in sanctions

A senior US administration official has said a summit between President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin is not possible. Cnn.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering sending other weapons to Ukraine. Downing Street knows it The United Kingdom is exploring sending additional defensive support, sending short-range anti-tank missiles last month to strengthen the country’s security..

UN diplomatic circles confirm An emergency meeting of the Security Council on Ukraine will be held today at 9 pm Italian time and at 3 am local time.. When StaffThe US embassy in Ukraine has been ordered to leave the country. A Twitter reporter said that the officers who went to the city of Lviv in recent days were going to Poland. Bloomberg.

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Putin announced on television last night that he recognizes the independence of the two separatist republics of Lukansk and Donetsk. Immediately, he signed a relative order with two cooperation agreements, including military agreements, the first Russian armored vehicles to enter Donetsk at night. As ceremonial peacekeepers (even buses were painted white, as were vehicles sent by UN to war zones). This is because the Russian intervention is evident in the order. The irreversible steps seem to close the door to mediation efforts initiated by key European leaders such as Macron, Schultz and Drake. With Ukraine, the country where the Russian president denied the historic legitimacy of being a state institution, there is no longer any dialogue.

No war yet, but almost. If Kiev at least reacts to the Kremlin’s decision, more than 150,000 men will be armed. With the most modern combat systems, they are ready to realize their full offensive power, beyond the Donbass. It is not ruled out, however, that new real or hypothetical incidents on the front line between the Donbass separatists and the Regiments may have given the Kremlin lord an excuse to advance his troops beyond the borders of the two republics.

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Conditions have already been created. After a few weeks of the Kremlin denying its intent to attack its factions, the attitude has changed drastically in recent days. Putin and his followers have begun to emphasize the urgency of the Ukrainian invasion of the two republics, with the possibility of a humanitarian catastrophe. Even if Ukrainian President Zhelensky flatly denies this opportunity (not a single madman will take his weak forces to the border of the Russian army) The Kremlin and all the media, directly or indirectly controlled, helped legitimize Moscow’s violent and destructive counter-movement.

Women and children

The expulsion of women and children from Lukansk and Donetsk was decided in addition to the general mobilization, without the need for objective circumstances. But only a few tens of thousands of people left; Large sections of the Russian-speaking population in the area did not move, and there is further evidence that this was a propaganda attempt. Thanks to yesterday’s agreement, the intervention of the two sovereign states, which formally joined, and the desire to protect hundreds of thousands of Russians (more than eight million Moscow passports have been issued) will justify the intervention. Exposure to violence by the Ukrainian military and volunteer militants, portrayed for months as direct heirs to those groups, supported the advance of Hitler’s troops into Soviet territory in 1941. Television and newspapers are brutally recreating the same scene: Zhelensky’s Nazis are ready to attack Donbass’s innocent Russians.

Russia on fire

To justify yesterday’s decision, Putin spoke for almost an hour, arguing that in practice the Ukrainian government is a fantasy. Donbass was in practice forcibly annexed by Ukraine by Lenin’s collaborators, he said. A historical lesson aimed at re-establishing the center of Russia and recalling all the mistakes experienced over the years. Beginning with the peace signed after the 1917 revolution, the origins of many of the current disintegrations. Then the end of the Soviet Union and the absurd disintegration of the Soviet Union, the direct successor to imperialist Russia. Over the past thirty years, Ukraine has survived with the help of its sister country, subsidizing energy prices and so on: up to 2013, $ 250 billion in subsidies.

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Today that country is a company in the service of the Americans, led by rulers who think only of the rich. From Ukraine, NATO justifies the use of so-called first strikes (i.e., first strikes) in US theory, which could strike Russia in the future. From Kharkiv, NATO missiles can reach Moscow in seven minutes. With hypersonic vectors in four. The whole of Europe and Russia will be engulfed in fire.

Putin hopes that the West will end up using the new severe sanctions, but he makes it clear that his country can move forward anyway and that it will act with adequate countermeasures. He said previous sanctions had been passed for no apparent reason, as the West had not responded to the unilateral annexation of Crimea and other Moscow initiatives.

Prior to the announcement, the Security Council’s session was televised in full, with his students approving the idea of ​​recognizing the Republic’s independence as schoolchildren. Diplomat Lavrov, Head of the Secret Service, Minister of Defense. Everyone agrees. Interior Manager Kolokoltsev suggested that the two republics should be expanded to include all the administrative areas of the Lukansk and Donetsk regions. This means that Russian troops will help the rebels to capture large areas now under Kiev’s control, including the main port of Mariupol.

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