Putin tells Italian companies: “We offer you gas at a lower price than the market price”

The gas question is on the table

Evidence in Brussels emphasized that Moscow was an unacceptable initiative, at the height of the crisis, which was “trying to intimidate Ukraine and undermine the security base in Europe.” At the start of the meeting, Putin used a gas weapon, warning that Russia was a “reliable energy supplier to Italian consumers” and that he was selling gas to Italy “at a much lower price than the market price” thanks to long-term agreements with Gosprom. .

There are sixteen Italian companies

As leaked by the Kremlin, sixteen large Italian companies were represented at the meeting. Only three gave up. The names of two of them have not been officially released because, according to spokeswoman Dmitry Pesco, there was “pressure from someone else.” One way to quote is that, without mentioning it, Palazzo Chiki’s intervention was leaked to some media outlets, which at least asked state-owned companies not to participate in the effort. Peskov, however, defended diplomatic Bon Dunn, saying the Russian government had not received any official information on the matter from the Italian government, so it was not worth considering articles in the newspapers because “they are not. There is more importance”.

Putin had eight ministers in his government

Eni’s only one discount has been officially announced, while it’s not clear what other flaws are in the previously big list, including Enel, Unicredit, Intesa, Generali and Danieli. Russian Magnitogorsk Iron Steel Works has signed a மில்லியன் 100 million contract with PJSC (Mmk) to build four reactors. Earlier, the participation of Marco Tronsetti Provera, Chairman of Byrelli and Co-Chair of the Italian-Russian Entrepreneurship Council, was announced. The Russian delegation was so large that Putin was surrounded by eight ministers holding key portfolios.

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Agreements with Moscow on gas supply: “favorable prices”

“Italy is one of Russia’s key economic partners,” he said. Third for trade in the EU with a total value of over $ 20 billion in the first nine months of 2021 alone. Italian investment in Russia was $ 5 billion and Russian investment in Italy was $ 3 billion. But the Kremlin leader, thanks to long-term cooperation with Moscow, said, “Despite the significant increase in market prices due to the lack of winter and supply, the recall of favorable prices in practice is precisely in the supply of gas.” Translated: In the absence of these good relations, Italians face higher bill prices than they do today.

Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce: “Avoid political rhetoric”

However, apart from this, there are interests of more than 500 companies with Italian capital in the Russian market. Despite all the political crises, “life goes on anyway,” said Kremlin spokesman Peskov. Vincenzo Trani, president of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, echoed him, saying that the “economic-entrepreneurial dialogue between Italy and Russia” was “fundamental” and should therefore “abandon political rhetoric”.

United States: “Italy is with us on sanctions in Moscow” A spokesman for the US State Department also spoke about the meeting. “The United States is actively engaged in diplomacy with its allies and partners, including Italy,” he said. “The United States, the G7, the European Union and NATO have all said they are united and ready to impose heavy costs on Russia. Occupying Ukraine.”

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