Question from Russian soldiers: What is the use of dying for Chevroletonets? This is the real goal of Moscow – analysis

February 24 Vladimir Putin A bet was built: the world would not have provided firm and effective assistance in any war situationUkraineA country far removed from the interests of the West and having no contact with the population and the ruling class Villages Of Was born. In 1938-1939, when no one wanted to die Brock Or GdanskSo in 2022 no one – according to the Kremlin – would have wanted to take the risk Challenge Russia To Kiev. As we all know it has gone wrong. But the question he started – that is, is there a “foreign” city that makes sense in losing one’s life – is, in fact, much closer now. Among his own soldiers and officers, according to what can be read Skills Dropped on Battlefields Or inside Conversations InterruptedThe question arises: why die for a goal that is neither symbolic nor glorious? Chevrodonetsk? The city – the one who travels in tanks and trucks these days realizes it – is nothing Logistics usage It should not be a railway junction or an important road axis: it is a city Medium size – Before the war it was more or less populous NovaraTerni or Vicenza – Located a few kilometers from another city center, almost double, in name Lyciansansk (Before February 24, with the same number of residents Arezzo Or Chechena).

Both urban areas occupy one area – excluding rural areas – approx Thirty kilometers Are divided by square and river Shivarsky DonetskIt is known for the frequent massacres of Russian troops trying to cross From one bank to another A little north. Ukrainian troops settle West side By the river, to take advantage of a given advantage – in offensive and defensive positions – by 20-30 meters highBut mostly to force the Russians Will emerge When crossing. At the moment, thousands of Ukrainian guards in the area want to cover up and not bother with the attempt. Repeat Towards the West: It is almost impossible to come to an orderly – and uninjured – one Tactical retreat Almost too long Thirty KilometersUnder the rain of bombs made by Putin’s artillery.

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If something is supplied in a way – they have to say they can Gradually receding At least ten kilometers: but to do so, they would leave the field much easier for the Russians. Incomprehensible, waiting for the arrival of weapons capable of attack Russian sites From Medium distanceThe goal of the Ukrainians … is to capture and act on many more Potential losses To the enemy. While it is true that they want to bring skin home, it is also true that they aim to bring skin Damage as much as possible To the Russians. The purpose of the latter is, in fact, to take over the centers of population first, in short, to hunt for new and destructive ones. Urban wars After Mariupol, Pucha and Hostomal. It is true that they do it after leveling factories, buildings and houses, but they still have to do it. Express yourself Go through the ruins. Ruins and demolished buildings are the best landscape Lurking Defenders. Beyond that, as Kiev acknowledged – being subject to Moscow is not a coincidence 100 losses per day In this small area.

So, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground Unload to Chevroletonets? Well, in reality it is quite a bit Ivan IvanovThat is, the Russian Mario Bianchi, the Kremlin has a lot: trying on the ground at its peak and with symptoms of anxiety Lack Instructions and disciplines, each Progress Approaching Moscow Tactical facility – and politics – to discuss a Rest With Kiev. Remember that one is not True peace: The Kremlin wants to engage only in unsubstantiated discussions and ultimately compels the Ukrainian leadership Let the table explode. Much needed for Putin 6-9 months To loosen International pressureGet items from ChinaNeatly Armed Forces Then start the war againWinter 2022-23From a favorable position and perhaps with the Ukrainian housing front and international With less attention And Determined. He will need a new general Alexander DvornikovThe author pointed out Online security And as written today New York Times, All traces are lost. After all, in Putin’s view, he has not shown any improvement in almost two months: he has taken only one. Infinite time Achieve one Small target Small: Severodonetsk, indeed.

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