Robert Durst, the billionaire star of the TV series “The Jinx”, has died

Robert Thurst died, Millionaire from New York and the protagonist of the television documentary series Jinx, Accused of committing multiple murders over the years. Thurst, 78, was jailed in California a few months later The sentence is imposed Sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his girlfriend Susan Berman in September 2021.

The New York Times Says Durst died of a heart attack while at a local hospital for some tests. He had been suffering from various health problems for a long time and was admitted to the hospital shortly after his arrest from Kovit-19.

Turst isHeir to the family of wealthy New York real estate developers, And was known above all in the wealthy circles of the city until the nineties. The trial in which he was imprisoned was about Berman’s murder, but the case of the judges who handled his cases was always the same: that is, he killed both Burst Berman and his first wife, Kathy McCormack. His next door neighbor is Morris Black. The German murder case has been reopened in practice Jinx, Released in 2015, which included about three hours of interviews with Durst among others. A controversial confession. Two months ago Thurst was accused of missing McCormack for decades Something well known American News Cases.

It all started In 1982 At the time McCormack was missing without a trace when his wife, Thurst, had a difficult relationship. Durst was the prime suspect, and the story spread around the world, but his status was rejected after spending several months in the front pages of tabloid newspapers. Eighteen years later, her best friend and spokeswoman, Susan Berman, was shot in the back of the head in her apartment near Los Angeles. A year later, Morris Black, a neighbor of Berman, died under obscure circumstances and his body was dumped on a ship in a sack.

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Thurst always pleaded not guilty, and he was never punished. In the only trial against him, one for Black’s murder, he was released from prison a few months after negotiating a five – year prison sentence for hiding a body. Its story was not clear until it aired in 2015 Jinx. The documentary revived Durst’s life, focusing more on the murders and revealing new details: for example, a letter sent to Beverly Hills Police in 2000 revealed the presence of a corpse in Susan Berman’s home, in a very similar handwriting. Thurst.

At the end of the last episode of the series, Durst is asked about the letter. Turst denied his involvement in front of the cameras, but a few minutes later, while he was in the bathroom, he did not even notice that he was wearing a microphone, and he asked himself, “What did I do?” About ten seconds later his voice was heard again: “Of course I killed them all.” In 2019 they emerged Many doubts On the confirmation of his confession: It turned out The sequence was edited to make it appear that the two sentences were said one after the other, and instead Turst added them to other very exciting things (which suggests he was not very clear at the time).

During the inquest into Berman’s death, new details of Durst’s guilt came to light: for example, one of his closest friends claimed that Durst had confessed to killing Berman during a street conversation in New York in 2014. In general, Thurst has always denied all allegations.

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