Russia and Ukraine sign agreement –

from Claudio del Frate

The signing is scheduled for tomorrow in the presence of Erdogan, who acted as mediator, and UN Secretary Guterres. The agreement was the first between Kiev and Moscow since the start of the war on February 24

Russia and Ukraine will sign in Istanbul tomorrow Agreement for Export of Wheat. The President has announced this Recep Tayyip Erdoganwho concluded the contract. There will be a signature Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres arrived in Turkey this evening. The contract reflects A doubly important step: On the one hand it mitigates Food crisis It threatens many states in Africa and the Middle East that rely heavily on Ukraine’s grain supplies. The first agreement was signed by the governments of Moscow and Kiev on February 24 Finally, the opening day of hostilities.

Thanks for this deal is expected About 35 million tonnes of wheat production The proposal to set up parties across the Ukrainian and Black Seas from the Odessa terminal has been joined A coordination center in Istanbul, with the participation of representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations monitors and monitors the route of outgoing ships. was clearly decisive for a definitive agreement Bilateral between the presidents of Turkey and RussiaErdogan and Putin met in Tehran two days ago.

According to the first rumours Moscow received it in return Opportunity to export grains and fertilizers. Delegates fulfilled Mutual mistrust. Kiev feared that reopening the Black Sea trade routes would pay off Ukraine is highly vulnerable to Russian attacks from the sea. The Moscow fleet feared the coming and going danger Concealment of weapons; The Kremlin has always demanded free control of its grain exports in exchange for a loosening of its grip on Black Sea ports.

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The Wheat War, on the other hand, had consequences in the weaker parts of the planet: The UN estimates that it is now less than 300 million. The report estimates People were at risk of famine because of the war in Ukraine.

Ankara government for some time He was working on a grain cart A mediation program was already launched in early June in the war between the two countries. The proposal promptly fell apart. For several days the hypothesis was again in force And the signing was now imminent. Ukraine, on the other hand, was experimenting Alternatives to export its agricultural produce, esp The road to the Danube Sent to Central Europe.

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