Russia attacks Kyiv again weeks later, Putin warns West over missile supplies

  • One of them was hospitalized in Kyiv, and there was no immediate news of his death
  • Putin warns the United States against supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles
  • Zelenskiy travels near the front line near Sievierodonetsk
  • Ukrainian forces control half of Sievierodonetsk-Gaidai

Kyiv (Reuters) – Russia bombed Kyiv for the first time in more than a month, as President Vladimir Putin warned he would hit new targets in Ukraine if Western countries supplied the country with long-range missiles.

In Severodonetsk, the main battlefield in the east where Russia has concentrated its forces, Ukrainian forces are keeping their territory after retaking half of the city, said Serhiy Gaidai, governor of Luhansk province where the city is located.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Sunday that he has traveled to Lyschansk, south of Severodonetsk, and Solidar, rare outings outside Kyiv since the Russian invasion began on Feb. 24, and may be the closest to the frontline so far. Read more

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Wearing his signature khaki shirt, Zelensky told Ukrainian forces in a video released Sunday evening: “What you all deserve is victory – that’s the most important thing. But not at any cost.” Read more

Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk are located in the Luhansk region and Soledar is located in the Donetsk region. Both regions make up Donbas, Ukraine’s industrial heartland, which Russia claims is on a mission to “liberate”.

In the Kyiv attack, one person was hospitalized although there were no immediate reports of deaths. Black smoke can be seen from many miles away after Russia’s attack on two remote areas on Sunday.

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Ukraine said the raid hit railroad car repairs, while Moscow said it destroyed tanks sent by Eastern European countries to Ukraine.

Oleksandr Kamyshin, head of Ukraine’s railways, confirmed that four missiles had hit the Darnitsya railroad repair facility in eastern Kyiv, but said there was no military equipment at the site.

The strike was a surprising reminder of the war in Kyiv as normal life has largely returned since Russian forces were expelled from its suburbs in March.

“Missile strikes on Kyiv have only one goal – to kill as many as possible,” Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Mikhailo Podolak said on Twitter.

Ukraine said Russia carried out the Kyiv raid using long-range missiles fired from heavy bombers into the Caspian Sea.

Ukraine’s nuclear operator said a Russian cruise missile had launched “too low” over the country’s second-largest nuclear power plant. Read more

“Crack them like nuts”

Sunday’s attack was the first major attack on Kyiv since late April, when a journalist was killed by a missile.

Russia has recently focused its destructive power on the front lines in the east and south, though it occasionally strikes elsewhere in what it calls a campaign to undermine Ukraine’s military infrastructure and block Western arms shipments.

Putin has warned the West that Russia will hit new targets if the United States starts supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles, the TASS news agency reported on Sunday. Read more

The United States said last week it would send new and advanced medium-range missile systems to Ukraine.

In an interview with Russian state television, Putin said the missiles promised by Washington so far could be compared to Soviet-era weapons that Ukraine already had.

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He said that if Washington were to launch long-range missiles, “we would hit those targets that we haven’t set yet.” He denied the influence of Western drones, saying that Russia was “crunching them like nuts.”

Britain has said it will provide Ukraine with multiple launch missile systems that can hit targets up to 80 km away. Read more


The British Ministry of Defense said in an update on Twitter that heavy fighting continues in Severodonetsk and that Russian forces are moving towards Slovinsk. Read more

But Governor Gaidai said earlier that Ukrainian forces continue to push the Russians back from Severodonetsk, about 85 kilometers (53 miles) east of Sloviansk. Read more

Claims cannot be independently verified. Both sides say they inflicted heavy losses on Severodonetsk.

On Monday, Gidayi said that Russian forces fired on a bakery and several administrative and residential buildings in Lysechansk, adding that a civilian was wounded.

Gidayi said evacuations resumed from the Ukrainian-controlled part of Luhansk region on Sunday and 98 people fled.

On Sunday, an official Russian media journalist said that Russian Major General Roman Kutuzov was killed in eastern Ukraine, adding to the series of high-level military losses incurred by Moscow. Read more

The governor of Russia’s western Kursk region, Roman Starovit, said the border village of Teutkino came under fire from Ukraine this morning, targeting a bridge and some local businesses. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

The Ukrainian military reported that its forces repelled seven attacks in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions on Sunday, destroying four tanks and shooting down a combat helicopter.

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On Monday, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army said that Russian forces “are conducting intense artillery and mortar shelling of our positions” in the Kharkiv region of Donetsk.

She said Russia was targeting civilian infrastructure in several towns. Moscow denies targeting civilians.

In a speech in Rome on Sunday, Pope Francis described the war as “the negation of God’s dream”.

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