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“I’m ready to talk to Putin, but the Russians have to leave. Crimea will never be Russian, but we’re leaving it now.” Zhelensky speaks to Porta A PortaIn the first interview for an Italian TV show. Tracy, after meeting Pitana, Reports to Council of Ministers: “Ukrainians want peace,” he says. Finland (hence Like Sweden) Sent to NATO Provokes Russia’s reaction Threatens to prevent Gas supply Already today and shaking the panic of the nuclear war. As for Moscow, “the West is ready to do anything to strangle Russia.” While looking for a diplomatic way, the attacks continue. Cluster and phosphorus bombs in the Ukrainian president’s hometown prevented him from leaving Azovstal, where Russian armed forces continue to fire artillery and bombs. Cruise missiles were launched over Zaporizhia. War continues on all strategic fronts from Kharkiv to Donbass: Ukrainian forces Request breaking The enemy’s advance. Blasts last night in Mykolayiv. Kiev accuses: Soldiers shoot civilians from tanks in the second confirmed episode Kharkiv.

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07.10 First Russian soldier in war crimes trial

The first trial of a Russian soldier accused of war crimes has opened in Kiev. Sergeant Vadim Shishimarin, 21,
A 62-year-old unarmed citizen in the northeastern village of Subakivka is accused of shooting himself in the head from the windshield of his car. He faces life imprisonment under Ukrainian Penal Code. Shishimir was captured and was the first Russian soldier to go on trial after the invasion of Ukraine. The office of Attorney General Irina Venedikova said it was investigating more than 10,700 potential war crimes, including more than 600 suspects.

06.45 Gas: Gasprom depot is vacant, Austria threat of seizure

If Gasprom fails to fill the Salzburg storage facility with gas, Austria is ready to seize it and make it available to other suppliers. Ukrainska Pravda writes of it, quoting Austrian President Carl Nekamer in an interview with Cronin Zeitung, taken from a European fact. “If Russian Gasprom does not fill our largest warehouse, we will make sure we take it from them and deliver it to other suppliers!” He said. Gronen Zaitung explains that this is the Hydat Depot near Salzburg, the largest in Austria and the second largest in Central Europe.

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06.22 Michael in Hiroshima: “Moscow’s nuclear threats are unacceptable”

“Now, there is a threat to global security. Russia, a nuclear-armed government and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has attacked Ukraine’s sovereign nation, making shameful and unacceptable remarks on the use of weapons.” This was stated by the President of the European Council Charles Michael at the end of his visit to Hiroshima. “It’s not only shaking Europe’s security, it’s raising risky stocks around the world,” he added.

05.33 The Russians shoot civilians from a tank in Kharkiv, Kiev

Ukraine ‘s first deputy foreign minister, Yevgeny Yenin, has said that the Russian army shot dead a civilian from a tank in the Kharkiv region. “In one of the villages in the Kharkiv region, the police confirmed that the Russian army was firing on civilians from a tank. That is why we should not talk about any moral control of the Russian army.” This is the second war crimes case to be sent to court, according to the deputy minister.

A cool video obtained by CNN actually nails Russian soldiers for killing two unarmed civilians at a looted car dealership near Kiev. The double murder on March 16, which was indestructible by surveillance cameras at the facility, is now on the records of a Ukrainian prosecutor who is gathering evidence for all war crimes committed by Kremlin troops. The video shows the owner of the dealership and an elderly supervisor talking peacefully with the invading soldiers and being shot in the back for no apparent reason when they leave.

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05.00 Ukraine, $ 8.3 billion in military spending

According to Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko, Ukraine is forced to spend about $ 8.3 billion on the war. Funds deducted from investments for the development of the country. This was reported by Reuters quoted by the Kiev Independent. In April, the government collected only 60 percent of expected tax revenue, Marchenko told Reuters, pointing out that Ukraine still needed foreign support.

04.20 Kiev: Russian positions in the south were attacked

The Operations Command of Ukrainian forces in the south announced that they had carried out dozens of attacks on Russian military positions: 57 Russian soldiers had been killed and 60 units of equipment destroyed.

03.15 Moscow attacks “anti-Russian hysteria”

At the end of February and March, the UN Human Rights Council approved by 33 votes in favor of two draft resolutions tabled by Ukraine to investigate alleged Russian military abuses in Kiev, Chernivtsi, Kharkiv and Sumi. . As for Russia, “the anti-Russian hysteria unleashed by the West has nothing to do with the genuine concern for the fate of Ukraine and its people.” The Moscow diplomats’ statement said, “They are ready for anything to the extent of renewing Nazism in its ugly manifestations, in the frenzy of wanting to strangle Russia,” calling the decision “another use for the benefit of the Human Rights Council.” A small group of states “.

02.51 Moscow: The West is ready to do anything to strangle Russia

“The Western powers are ready for anything, including their desire to strangle Russia, including the resurrection of Nazism,” the TASS statement said in a statement, referring to the permanent representation of the Russian Federation at the United Nations in Geneva. Yesterday the UN Human Rights Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of launching an investigation into alleged grave violations by Russian forces in Ukraine, thus helping to strengthen diplomatic pressure on Moscow.

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00.40 Russia is waiting for gas moves

The gas war between Europe and Russia has come to a head. Gasprom announced that it would stop the use of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline carrying goods from Russia to the Old Continent via Poland after it stopped flowing at the entrance to Sokranivka in Ukraine. Over the next few hours, Finland will see gas flow from Moscow, in retaliation for its now firm affiliation with NATO. Wise tightened, stock market prices, soared. The reference trade traded up 9% in Amsterdam at 102.50 euros.

00.33 Zelensky, 570 health facilities were destroyed

Russia has destroyed 570 health facilities and 101 hospitals since the start of the invasion of Ukraine. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky in his message to the people of the country in the evening. Zelenzky added that Russian forces also attacked some schools yesterday.

00.10 US condemnation: Thousands transferred to Russia by “force”

The United States has accused Russia of “forcibly” transferring thousands of Ukrainians to Russia since the start of the war, often subjecting them to “brutal” treatment through “rogue”. According to Kiev, 1.2 million people were deported to Russia. Their phones and passports would have been confiscated; Their social media activities sought their clues against the Russian war.

00.01 Mayor Mikholev: Hearing the explosion, stay in the shelters.

Several explosions were reported in the evening in Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine, where a wind alarm sounded. This was announced by the city mayor Oleksandr Chenkevich, who called on all citizens to “stay in shelters.” The Ukrainian media reported this.

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