Russia-Ukraine war, direct – Finnish President Putin calls for: “agreement to avoid tensions”. But he said: “It is a mistake to enter NATO.” Berlin: “Russia unleashes wheat war”

Lavrov: “Total Western Hybrid War Against Russia”

Western nations have declared a complete hybrid war against Russia. And it is difficult to predict how long this will last. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the announcement at an annual meeting with experts from the Foreign and Security Council, according to the Interfox Agency.

Putin: “Negotiations between Moscow and Kiev interrupted by Ukrainians”

Russian and Finnish Presidents Vladimir Putin and Saul Ninisto discussed the situation in Ukraine today. This was reported by the Kremlin press service. Putin noted that the talks between Moscow and Kiev had been put on hold because the Ukrainian side was not interested in a constructive dialogue. Toss reports. “The leaders also discussed the situation in Ukraine. In particular, Putin shared assessments of the state of the negotiation process between the Russians and the Ukrainians, which was interrupted in practice by Kiev, who was not interested in serious dialogue. “

Archbishop Kiev: “Mass grave found with 500 executed”

“They were recently found in a mass grave with about 500 people handcuffed and with bullets in their heads. They were brutally murdered, just as they had thrown innocent people into mass graves during Stalin’s.” In a video link with the XXIII National Conference on Pastoral Care of the CEI, Sviatoslav Shevchuk testified to the situation in his country, as announced by the Major Archbishop’s Secretariat in Rome.

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Putin: “If Finland joins NATO, it will be wrong”

For Finland, abandoning the policy of neutrality is a “mistake”. Russian President Vladimir Putin made the remarks during a telephone conversation with Finnish President Saul Ninistov. Putin – quoted by TASS – said that “there is no threat to Helsinki’s security and that his entry into NATO will” negatively affect relations with Russia “.

Russian flight exercises on the Baltic

Russia’s SU-27 fighter jets have taken part in counter-airstrikes in the Kaliningrad region of Russia, according to Interfax, citing the Baltic Fleet. More than 10 Su-27 groups were involved in the exercise, which comes two days after Finland announced plans to apply for NATO membership, and Sweden wants to do the same.

Finnish President tells Putin: “We want to join NATO after Ukraine invasion”

Finland wants to join NATO because the security situation in the country has been “fundamentally changed” by the “massive invasion of Ukraine” by the Russians. Finnish President Saul Ninisto made the remarks during a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin today, according to a statement from the Helsinki Presidential Secretariat. By joining NATO, Finland “accepts its responsibilities” and “seeks to take appropriate and professional action on the practical issues posed by Russia’s future neighbors.”

Kiev: “Ukraine counter-attack on ISIS, Russians retreat”

Ukrainian troops launched a counter-offensive against the Isis in the Kharkiv region. He confirmed it Oleg SinekubovHead of Oblast KharkivThe company reports UNIAN. “The hottest point is the area in the direction of the Izyum. There our forces retaliated. The enemy is retreating in some areas,” Sinekubov said.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister: “The Azovstel deal will not satisfy everyone”

The goal of the Ukrainian government is to safely evacuate all Ukrainian soldiers from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, but the approach to a deal must be “relaxed and pragmatic” and “the result will not satisfy everyone”. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshchuk, quoted by Interfax Ukraine. The deputy prime minister stressed that the plant contained not only members of the Azov regiment but also members of the armed forces and other departments of the police.

Barbach: “We will continue to supply arms to Ukraine”

“We will continue to assist Ukraine with arms and financial assistance.” German Foreign Minister Annalena Pierbach made the announcement at the closing press conference of the G7.

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