Russia-Ukraine war, Kiev General’s gesture: Thirty silver coins for Belarusian ambassador “compensation for treason”

Thirty silver coins As “compensation” Treason committed by Belarusian border guards This allowed the Russian army to enter the Ukrainian border. This is a provocation by the head of the border service of Ukraine, Sergei DinegoAnatoly Lapov, head of the Belarusian Border Control Committee, has been charged with posting a video on Facebook of a lieutenant colonel of the border guards trying to hand over 30 silver coins to Belarusian ambassador to Ukraine Igor Sokol. “The racists are waging an open and bloody aggression against Ukraine from the territory of Belarus – the soldier tells Sokol in the video – you know, thirty silver coins is a reward for treason. Serhiy Deyneko ordered to deliver this.”Fiery congratulationsTo General Lappo, Chairman of the Boundary Committee. This is an order. “” This is not an order for me, it is for you, “Sokol replied, but he followed the soldier with the coins.

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