Russia-Ukraine war, Vizcrot group splits over Moscow oil: Czech Republic and Poland leave Budapest summit

The Wisegrade Group Divides onUkraine. Conflict initiated by the President Vladimir Putin Highlights, albeit not the most important, division within the group of four EU countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) Is not clear to date. If the governments of the East have always been compact on the issue of immigration and the rule of law, instead there was a very broad line in the 27 member states, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine provokes different reactions in the four Chancellors. They also show a different approach linked to different experiences below Soviet umbrella.

Comes from the break Poland And Czech Republic Those who have made it clear that they have no intention of sending their representatives to the cabinet meeting of the Viceroy Committee Budapest. The reason, they explained, was to find out the position taken by the Hungarian government Victor Orban Conflicts between Russia and Ukraine and relations between the administration and the administration Kremlin. “I have always been supportive V4But it saddens me that Hungarian politicians now consider it so important Russian oil Cheap compared Ukrainian blood“The Czech defense minister said: Jana Chernogova. His Polish counterpart, Mariusz BlaszczakBudapest has announced it will not attend the summit.

Among his motives, Chernosova cites the position taken by the Hungarian prime minister during the debate on possible options. European sanctions On Russian energy resources. While Europe in general can be said to be dependent on Russian gas and oil, this is still true for the four countries in the Visegrad group, with 80%. However, if Poland and the Czech Republic were willing to risk their distribution channels in anti-Russian activity, it would not be the same for the Urban Government, instead, Brussels Prohibited by barriers. “We do not support sanctions that could jeopardize the security of Hungary’s energy supply,” he said. Peter Sizzardo – European consensus is certainly not possible. However, this position not only created an internal rift within the EU, but also effectively distorted the hypothesis of further measures affecting the supply of oil and gas from Moscow, but there was a breakdown in the siege of Vizcrot.

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