Russian bombing of Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Meyer: “He’s always been strong.” Crimea, “Drone Attacks Russian Navy Command”

Between one and six o’clock on Sunday morning, Russian forces bombarded the southern Ukrainian city MykoliveUse Cluster bombs. A school has been damaged and a private house has been damaged and rescue operations are underway. An online newspaper reported Independence of Kiev Quoting Oleksandr Senkevich, the city’s mayor, who described the bombing as “Always strong“. Meanwhile, an armed drone strikes the headquarters of the General Staff Russian Navy of Black Sea to do SevastopolIn Crimea, it hurts the least Five people: This was announced by the governor of the peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014, Mikhail Rasvosiev. “This morning Ukrainian nationalists decided to destroy the day of the Russian Navy”, which is celebrated today, he wrote in a telegram, announcing that the five injured were naval personnel.

According to a Russian government agency Tax – citing the press service of the command of the Navy – the type of drone that attacked the headquarters Craftsman“Home-made”, and fitted with a low-powered explosive device, which detonated inside yard of the building. The agency writes that five of the injured were attacked Broken glass windows. The drone is therefore considered to be of the rotor type, modified for combat use. However, the Ukrainian side denies any responsibility: the news of an “apparently Ukrainian” attack on the headquarters of the Russian Navy in Sevastopol is “true. stimulus“, Serhiy Bratchuk, the head of the Odesa regional administration, writes in Telegram. “The liberation of our Crimea from the aggressors will happen in one way. Different That’s a lot Very useful. All in good time. Resistance and courage to all of us! Success and peace! ”.

Meanwhile, they have to leave tomorrow First ships Accused grain Ukrainian. According to Turkish media, the first caravan will have 16 ships By freight. They will reach the Turkish sea border August 3and monitored by navigation Drones. Also, delegates Istanbul Joint Coordination CenterCoordinating center opened in Turkey to ensure safe passage of ships using sea transport satellites.

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