Russian gas, oil and coal unite China, India and Pakistan: competition to buy at selling prices

India has expressed interest in continuing to import coal from Russia and, if possible, increasing its purchases. Steel Minister Ramachandra Prasad Singh has said that the aim is to double Russia’s coal imports. A few days ago, Moscow urged India to consider investing in its energy companies after the Western Allies flight. Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg, Chinese refineries, especially independent ones, are buying more and more Russian oil, the most favorable for the market at this point is the “Urals” crude oil. Business will happen with some will but will

For doors that open to the west, others open to the south, and in the short term, super-customer Europe (now continuing to buy gas from Moscow as before) cannot be replaced by Russia. It sells 100 billion cubic meters a year. 15 billion cubic meters in liquid and gaseous form, The more expensive it is, the more than a tenth of this flow will come from the United States. European countries are trying to squeeze more from other big suppliers Norway and Algeria But the immediate response potential is moderate. The EU is trying to run the path you can only walk, meanwhile the Kremlin is weaving its web, Russian hydrocarbons, plentiful and cheap, attractive.

India announced Be prepared to continue importing coal from Russia and, in fact, increase purchases if possible. “We are moving in the direction of importing coal from Russia,” the steel minister said Ramachandra Prasad Singh. That is the intention Twice as much coal imports The Minister said that the main ingredient in the product was Russian. India was one of 35 countries that did not vote in the UN referendum on the resolution against the occupation of Ukraine, and does not appear to be highly sensitive to Western pressure. Trade may also increase Ruble-rupee exchange agreement. After the fall of the leap to Europe, Russia may begin to offer more competitive prices to Chinese and Indian buyers.

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A few days ago, Moscow urged India to consider investing in its energy companies after the Western Allies flight. “Russia has approached the export of oil and petroleum products to India Billion dollars and there are clear opportunities to increase this numberRussia’s deputy prime minister said last Friday Alexander Novak. “We are interested in attracting more Indian investment in the Russian oil and gas sector and expanding the sales network of Russian companies in India,” Novak told the Indian Oil and Gas Minister. Hardeep Singh Puri. Government agencies a few days ago Indian Oil and Hindustan Petroleum They purchased additional consignments of Russian Sokol quality oil for delivery in May. Since the end of February, India has bought at least 13 million barrels of Russian “Urals” oil. Direct Russian supplies are also on the rise In Pakistan, A country that is about to finalize a deal with Moscow to build a $ 2 billion “Pakistan Stream” gas pipeline that will bring gas north of the country from the port of Karachi (ships carrying Russian gas). . “We need a pipeline to carry LNG from south to north. It will be very important for us in the next two or three years, ”he said Shakat Tharin To the Financial Times.

Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg, Chinese refineries, especially independent ones, are buying more and more Russian oil. The so-called “Urals” crude oil is at a very favorable price in the market at this point. Business will happen with some will but will. In early February, Moscow and Beijing signed a 30-year agreement to supply gas through a new pipeline. Gazprom will supply an additional 10 billion cubic meters of gas per year. The first leaks through the pipeline connecting Russia’s Far East region with northeast China are expected to begin in two or three years, after which the deal was announced by Gosprom. Russia already sends gas to China via the Power of Siberia pipeline, Which came into operation in 2019, in which natural gas is to be exported by ship. By 2021, a total of 16.5 billion cubic meters will be exported to China, more or less doubling as new pipelines enter the operation.

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