Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine: US intelligence has more than 7,000

Worse than that Iraq and Afghanistan Together, Ivo is worse than Jima. According to US intelligence estimates, the report New York TimesNumber of Russian soldiers killed in 20 days Invasion of Ukraine That would have already surpassed 7,000. Thus, the losses incurred by the United States during the Twenty Years’ War in the Middle East were greater than the number of sailors captured in the bloody capture of Iwo Jima, which lasted 36 days between February and March 1945.

If these are confirmed, vulnerable numbers The same Russian ability to continue the attack. In fact, the Pentagon’s logic is that the entire operation of each war division will be compromised with losses of more than 10 percent. Adding the dead to the wounded, by the same estimates of 14 to 21 thousand, would have largely reached that limit, and the Russian army has so far mobilized about 150 thousand soldiers.

Step back Pentagon, Whose war progress reports end daily at Joe Biden’s desk, so many casualties would cause a major “troop morale” crisis, which would significantly reduce their readiness to fight. One of these dispatches also cites incidents where soldiers abandoned their way and scattered into the woods.

The same U.S. intelligence sources who spoke with New York Times If they are anonymous, however, no matter how well measured, their ratings are still valued: both Russians and Ukrainians form a team of destroyed tanks and other military vehicles based on very consistent data such as news spread, analysis of satellite images and the number of people in general.

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