Shooting Stars – Report

By Danilo Procaccianti

Collaboration by Norma Ferrara
Films by Carlos Diaz, Cristiano Fordi, Sierra D’Ambros, Giovanni de Faverie, Andrea Lilly
Look for pictures of Paola Gottardi and Alessia Pelagaggi
Editing and graphics by Monica Cesarani

Pepe Girillo, the guarantor of the 5 star movement, is being investigated by Milan prosecutors for smuggling illegal influence, along with ship owner Vincenzo Onorrado.

The crime committed by those who received the promise or gave money by exploiting their relations with a public official was increased by 5 stars. According to the lawyer’s assumptions, Pepe Grillo would have given politicians a 5-star guarantee for a series of interventions in support of the Moby Spa after paying Girillo through some business deals. As part of the same investigation, searches were also conducted at the headquarters of the Casaleggio Association, and it was discovered that David Casaleggio had also taken money from Onorado. The contract is worth 600 thousand euros a year to draw up a strategic plan to raise awareness among shareholders on the issue of tax breaks. Today the five stars and the paths of David Casaleggio and his Rousseau club are divided, but what is Casaleggio’s role in the movement? Has the conflict of interest ever been denied?

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