Sinn Féin wins in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, for the first time in its history, the left-wing nationalist party Sinn Féin aims to reunite Ireland with Northern Ireland. Get Majority seats in the election to renew parliament. This is a decision that has been predicted for weeks by polls, but is still considered historic: according to many observers, it could contribute. Make the plane more inclined Towards the reunification of the two Irish. However, at least for now, it does not seem like an immediate possibility.

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In Thursday’s election, a vote was taken to renew 90 seats in the country’s single – party parliament, with UK law guaranteeing a certain degree of autonomy from the British parliament. The turnout was 63.6 percent, slightly lower than in the 2017 election. Currently, more than half of the seats are reserved.

Long counting times are the reason you vote in Northern Ireland “Single convertible vote”: That it is better to put multiple candidates on the voter list and by recounting it subsequently, some votes may be allocated to the candidates indicated on the ballot for second place or more. The results discussed so far are about the so-called “first preferences”.

With a majority in parliament, Sinn Fin is set to become the next prime minister of the two ruling elites. Unlike other countries, in fact, Northern Ireland has two prime ministers, who have completely equal powers and actually form a kind of diary: they must rule together, and if one of the two resigns the other’s position ends automatically. This is a specific system of government decided with Good Friday Deals In 1998, the so-called those who put an end to the civil war that marked the country’s history for thirty years Problems: The idea is to allow the leaders of the two opposing factions, the trade unionists and the nationalists, to rule together and accept the interests of their respective electorates.

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The main novelty, Considered A Historical event, Since 1921, that is, from the existence of Northern Ireland, on the fact that the Prime Minister has always been a separatist of trade unionism. Since 2007 it has been particularly expressed by the DUP, an ally of the trade unionists and the British Conservatives. Now it will be a nationalist extraction expressed precisely by Sinn Féin, a party with a particular and rather controversial history.

Sinn Fின்in in Gaelic means “we”: the party was founded in 1905 at the initiative of the Irish journalist Arthur Griffith. From its earliest years, it aimed to achieve the right to self-determination and full Irish national sovereignty, which must have passed by the end of the existing political union with Great Britain. Sinn Fin later fought for independence from Great Britain in what became known as the “Easter Rise” in 1916, which ended in the defeat of the Rebels, who supported the Irish Republican Party during the War of Independence from Great Britain and were subject to various divisions. In 1921, the island was partitioned and Northern Ireland was created.

The Sinn Fin struggle continued during the Civil War in the late 1960s and late 1990s. Problems: In recent years he has been very close to the paramilitary organization IRA (Irish Republican Army), practically considered his armed wing, and he has been regarded as a kind of parliamentary representative.

During the election campaign for these elections, Sinn Fin was able to distance himself from the most controversial aspects of his history: the current leadership is moving away from the question of unification and focusing on all issues. Bread and butter (“Bread and butter”), i.e., closer to people’s daily lives: health care, unemployment, rising cost of living, housing problem. The fact that the party has changed a lot from the generational point of view also contributed to this, and now it is mainly made up of people who grew up many years later. ProblemsSo those who did not participate in the violence, those who gained political experience in the years following the peace agreements that ended it.

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According to various analyzes, all of this contributed to Sinn Féin’s success, and at least for now, the referendum on reunification of Ireland is not immediately known: this is still a very important issue. Splitting And in referendums involving the general population, reunification is considered a priority only by minorities. 17 percent. The fact is that the success of Sin Fein combined with progressive Reinforcement To help the Scottish Nationalist Party look like England More disunity than ever.

The DUP, the main trade union party that has dominated Northern Irish politics in recent decades, has weakened and contributed to Sinn Fin’s victory.

The DUP’s consensual loss was mainly linked to Brexit: the DUP was a close ally of the British Conservatives and strongly supported the UK’s exit from the EU. In recent years, however, it has received much criticism from its supporters for indirectly contributing to its endorsement. Protocol in Northern Ireland, The country’s position on the Brexit broad agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Northern Ireland provides the protocol to remain in the European public market and customs: in fact, it is Walked away Northern Ireland from the rest of England. For this reason many of the DUP’s supporters, meanwhile, have turned to other union parties, frustrated by the lack of foresight shown by the alliance with the British Conservatives.

With the definitive results of the Northern Ireland elections pending, negotiations are already scheduled Long and tight Appointment of two Prime Ministers and new elections.

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