Some people choose it, but this plant will replace the usual ficus in home decor with its elegance

We often try to decorate our house with houseplants and flowers. Among the most widespread, in addition to the classic orchids, we find Pothos And Fig. The variety of ficus, the much-loved darling and robusta, is easy to maintain and instantly gives the home a wild look.

But figs are not the only ones that can achieve the effect by cultivating kenzia.

Some may already know it as the most common plant in apartment buildings due to its primitive nature and its longevity. Although some people choose it, this plant will replace the usual ficus in home decor with its elegance.

One of the most popular features of this plant is its slow growth, which is offset by the high cost of larger models.

Kenzia can be purchased at specialty nurseries but also at supermarkets, which are mostly small plants. Prices can vary greatly from plant size to 30 to 60 euros for a one and a half meter tall kenzia.
Before buying it, make sure there are no yellow or dry tips indicating unhealthy vegetation.

Some people choose it, but this plant will replace the usual ficus in home decor with its elegance

Once brought home, kenzia should be kept in a bright room away from direct sunlight.

So it should not be placed in a completely south-facing window, preferably a penumbra. The plant is suitable for winter as it tolerates temperatures of 12 degrees well. However, the optimum temperature is 16 to 25 degrees which often evaporates.

Watering should be periodic, once a week in summer and twice a month in autumn and winter.

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Fertilization should be done in spring and summer with fertilizer for evergreen plants.

Kenzia should be replanted every two years in early spring using a container with two more sizes.

To resume, it is recommended to use universal clay and peat, and add expanded clay to the bottom of the pot.

The primary cause of death of this plant is excessive water drying of the leaves. You can try to restart it but it will be difficult to recover successfully.

As far as insects are concerned, it is not subject to specific attack White d. It can be easily identified as it is enough to move the leaves to see the white flies flying.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only. We do not know the behavior of our readers on the tools in the home or garden. For this reason, it is recommended to use extreme caution and attention to the tools needed in the home. Garden. In any case, it is strongly recommended to read the given warnings to avoid creating unpleasant accidents. WHO “)

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