Sources – Hide the latest setback for the Chicago Bulls, hopes to play this season

CHICAGO – After another setback while stepping up his left knee rehabilitation, there is growing pessimism that the Chicago Bulls Lonzo Pool She’ll be back in the lineup this season, sources told ESPN Adrian Wojnarowski.

No final decision has been made, but it is increasingly likely to culminate in a meeting in the coming days that is expected to include Bulls officials and Clutch Sports’ football representatives to close the ball for the remainder of the season.

“I imagine that in the next day or two we will probably have a little more once everyone is sitting down and talking,” Billy Donovan He said that before Tuesday’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks. “It’s disappointing from the point of view that you had hoped that the time spent would prompt him to go ahead and do more. But that certainly wasn’t the case.”

The Bulls play Tuesday night against the Bucks and then have three games left in the regular season.

Paul, who has not played since January 14, underwent knee surgery in January to repair a minor meniscus tear.

He’s been on the sidelines longer than the team’s initial schedule for his comeback when his knee didn’t respond to the rehab process. Chicago pulled the 10-day ramp up at the end of March hoping the extra rest would allow him to recover, but the ball suffered a setback.

Donovan declined to speculate whether the team would be comfortable playing the ball in the post-season if he did not return during the regular season. He said the team focused on getting the ball to stop feeling pain in the knee.

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“I think the biggest thing they’re trying to figure out before we can do anything is to try to eliminate his discomfort and any pain he’s feeling,” Donovan said. “This period of taking a while, letting it calm down and trying to get him started again, there was hope that maybe it would help, and maybe it didn’t help as much as we had hoped.”

In his first season in Chicago, he averaged 13.0 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 5.1 assists. He’s played in just 35 games, which would be the fewest of any season in his five-year career.

“All these guys love to play and want to play,” Donovan said. “He, like any player, is disappointed, because he cannot be there and not progress, but he took it and took it in great strides, and for his credit, he tried to do everything in his power to get himself back feeling good.”

Chicago was also unguarded Zach Lavigne Tuesday’s game with soreness in the left knee. The team has been dealing with a knee injury at LaVine for the past few weeks, especially in your back straight.

The Bulls host the Boston Celtics on Wednesday in Chicago.

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