Stephen Colbert tests positive for COVID, late night show canceled

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert
picture: Rich Fury (Getty Images)

Tonight’s broadcast on CBS Late Show with Stephen Colbert have been cancelled , Limit Reports, after host Stephen Colbert tested positive for COVID-19. Colbert stated that he feels “basically fine”, and has now released-A standard note of gratitude for being vaccinated and boosted to help mitigate at least some of the effects of the disease.

As Colbert joked in a tweet to announce the cancellation, tonight’s episode of his show was supposed to focus on Netflix. OzarkWith him, he prepares for an interview with both Laura Linney and the creepy Jason Bateman. As is, the show will be broadcast instead A replay, allowing fans to revisit some past moments with America’s favorite Grimms, Josh Brolin. (Also: Who!)

late show It’s already set to go on a hiatus then a week so it’s easy to imagine the show will be ready to return on its next scheduled airing date for new episodes, May 2 Really, it’s the latest development in the long, late-night response to the COVID pandemic, which has had a particularly strong impact on a kind of show It is scheduled to be broadcast at night to national audiences. Colbert, like most late-night hosts, took his show out of the studio in 2020 to reduce the chances of disease transmission among the crew (and guests). He eventually returned to the studio last year, albeit with regular tests to detect infections.

Which, oh my god, but They definitely have: Colbert joins fellow hosts Jimmy Fallon, Seth MeyersJames Corden has fallen ill at one time or another. (Detto Bill Maher.) None of them seem to have experienced long-term effects from the disease, a trend we hope will continue with Colbert. Former Comedy Central star remains the highest-rated comedian of late night; His numbers usually float slightly above those of Jimmy Kimmel (apparently the last man standing, contracting-COVID-wise) and by a large margin Jimmy Fallon on NBC.

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