Subway shooting in New York: 29 injured, terrorist investigation

The identified person was 62 years old

Frank James

. He posted “disturbing” videos of homeless people and New York City Mayor Eric Adams online.

You can look different in pictures posted on social networks

People on the ground, with the help of other passengers and panicked scenes on stage

. The photos also show bloodstains on the station floor in front of the parked subway car. The moment the shooting started

Some of the injured may have jumped on the train

Who was going through that to escape. According to the New York Police Department, it is “lucky” that it has not gone bad yet. “Suspect shot”.

At least 33 views

“And one was found at the crime scene

Clock pistol

17 by 9 mm and more

A chick


New York Mayor

Eric Leroy Adams

Following the developments related to the shooting, we issue a warning to the public: “As we gather information,

We urge residents to stay away from the area

For their safety and to facilitate their investigations, “said his spokesman. No explosives were found in the tunnel.

Different lines

Between Brooklyn and Manhattan,

Have been suspended

. This was stated by the Metropolitan Transport Authority on Twitter.


Schools in the Brooklyn area have been put under security

, No one is allowed to leave, only those who study there can go inside. A spokesman for the Department of Education said. In the meantime there too

The FBI arrived at the scene of the crime

. The shooting actually happened

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Alarm in other American cities

Security has been beefed up and especially in Washington, however, there is currently no credible threat.

According to CNN citing police sources, the New York law enforcement agency is one

U-Hall van with Arizona license plates

. Police also warned that “driving can be dangerous.” The van was hired on April 11 in Philadelphia. The lease shows that it was booked on April 6th. The vehicle was scheduled to be picked up on April 11 at 2:01 p.m. Rent for two days, according to the booking.

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