Telegram founder assures Ukrainians: “Privacy is sacred. I was expelled from Russia in 2014 for not providing your data on Vk”

Founder of Telegram Pavel Drove Assures Ukrainian users: Their privacy will not be violated. It does so on the same news site that has found itself as a fundamental means of communication for the Ukrainian opposition to the Russian invasion. On his own channel – the Throws Channel – the businessman, who is a Triple Russian, French and resident of Saint Kitts and Nevis, responded to “those who wondered how the telegram somehow”. Less safe for Ukrainians, Because I once lived in Russia ”. “If you follow my posts,” he begins, “you know my family on Mom’s side. Kiev has its roots. Her maiden name is Ukrainian (Ivanenko) and many more relatives live in Ukraine. That is why this tragic conflict It was personally involved Both me and the Telegram, ”he writes.

But that’s not all: Drove is the founder V.K. (VKontakte), the most popular social network in Russia and Ukraine, recalls that he was forced to leave the community and the country precisely. Denied To provideMoscow Intelligence Data of its Ukrainian users. “Tell me How my life ended In Russia ”, the post reads. “Nine years ago I was the CEO of Vk. In 2013, the Russian security firm FSB asked me to provide you with i. Personal information Of Ukrainian users of Vk They staged a protest against the pro-Russian president (Former President Viktor Yanukovych, Ed) ”, Recalled the businessman. “I refused to obey, Because it would have betrayed our Ukrainian users. As soon as I was fired from the company I founded, I was forced to leave Russia.

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“I lost my business and my house, but I will do it againDo not hesitate, ”Drove writes. “I’m proud to read my post on VK since April 2014 and report the response with FSB’s orders and my trademark: A dog in a hoodie. When I resisted their demands I had a lot to lose. I still live in Russia and my team and my old company were there. Many years have passed. And many things have changed: I no longer live in Russia and no longer have companies or employees in the country. But one thing remains: I protect our usersThe rest is not important. The right to privacy is sacredMore now than ever before “.

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