Texas is the mother of 14 children facing the death penalty but there is evidence to support that

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The child, in 2007, died of internal injuries two days after the accidental fall, while he was charged with assault. In 2008, the Texas State Arbitration Court found the woman guilty and sentenced her to death for the murder of her daughter. However, Amnesty International points to a verdict that is now considered unreliable.

The bodyguards always subjected the woman – in a state of shock and grief at the death of the child, to the fact that she was pregnant with twins – and, accordingly, denied the murder more than a hundred times, saying that “I am responsible is possible, a sentence that could be interpreted in many ways anyway).”

According to Amnesty International, new evidence from experts supports the hypothesis that the girl’s death was caused by an accidental fall, so it was not a murder. Furthermore, it was found that the key evidence in the investigation that raised suspicions of child abuse was not scientific, and that the alleged statements made by Melissa Lucio during the investigation were considered unreliable.

None of the other 13 children blamed her; In fact, they all support Mom’s innocence. “We do not want our mother to be hanged,” he said Cnn Elder, John. – We have already lost our sister. Now losing our mother in an accident is so horrible.

Petitions and Requests to Stop the Executioner –

Melissa Lucio’s lawyers have thanked Governor Greg Abbott or given him a sentence of at least 120 days suspended to reconsider the evidence leading to his acquittal. But the demand has been high in recent days, including celebrities like Texas lawmakers (bilaterally) and Kim Kardashian. Five more judges asked for the death sentence to be suspended.

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Amnesty International has re-launched on Twitter a call to stop the execution of Melissa Lucio. An appeal in favor of the woman can be signed on the organization’s website. Amnesty International points out that the death penalty violates international law because of its low credibility and unjustified investigation.

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