Texas massacre, police admit: delaying trial is wrong

A senior Texas security officer said it was wrong to delay the entry of an 18-year-old gunman into a locked classroom with dead and wounded children. Since the tragedy of the Uwalde (Texas), there has been criticism of the police for taking more than an hour to neutralize the shooter. 19 students and two teachers were killed at Rob Elementary School.

“Looking back … this was the wrong decision, time,” Texas Public Security Chief Steven McGrath said in a broken voice at a news conference where he was besieged by questions about the delay in entering. McGrath revealed details of a series of emergency calls from two classrooms where the shooter had detained himself, including a child who called police for help. The officer explained that after the initial attack, the commander at the scene believed that only 18-year-old Salvador Ramos was inside and that there were no survivors.

The door the teacher had opened

Door to Wolde Primary School From there Salvador entered Ramos was opened by the teacher who heard the crash noise. Col. Steve McGrath, head of the Texas Department of Public Security, told a news conference. Before entering Rob Elementary to commit murder, the killer actually ended up in a ditch with his pickup truck. The teacher who came out hearing the noise and alerted two staff members who were at the nearby funeral home. Ramos got out of the van armed and shot both of them without hitting them, the teacher went back to the school and called 911 and opened the door.

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