The day before: Steam’s most-listed game switched to Unreal Engine 5, but delays happen

The Day Before – The Open World Survival MMO is currently sitting at the top of Most Popular Games Chart on Steam – Switching to Unreal Engine 5, but will be pushed back to March 1, 2023 as a result.

The Fntastic developer has been revealed exclusively with IGN, and released a statement explaining that the game will switch to the new advanced engine, but that it will also have to be delayed from its original release scheduled for June 21.

“Millions of people have added The Day Before to their wishlist, making The Day Before one of the most awaited games in the world,” the statement read.

“Feeling and understanding the great responsibility we take, with great gratitude in our hearts, we were pleased to announce that The Day Before is switching to the new Unreal Engine 5 technology! Moving to a more advanced and adapted open worlds engine will make The Day Before even more amazing gameplay.”

“In this regard, we inform you that the new release date of the game will be March 1, 2023.”

The Day Before is a gritty open world MMO that aims to blend survival gameplay with in-depth combat, vehicular gameplay, and even social elements inspired by the likes of Animal Crossing. Even before switching to Unreal 5, the game aimed for high-quality visuals, having featured a 4K raytracing trailer.

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