The death of Ivana Trump, the first wife of the former US president –

from Giuseppe Sarcina, Washington Correspondent

A model and entrepreneur of Czech descent, she is 73 years old. Ex-husband’s declaration: “She was a woman, wonderful, beautiful and crazy”

Ivana Marie Zelnikova, la first wife By Donald Trump, he died yesterday, Thursday 14 July, aged 73 years old. you knowFormer President with a Mail On his social “reality”: “Notice Great sadness To all who loved her, and there were many, Ivana Trump died in her Manhattan home”. In fact, there are many others who “loved him.” Of course, starting with tKing’s children New York was with the president: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric. That was in 1977 A model Born in what was then Czechoslovakia, she married one of the most prolific American architects. The union lasted until 1990, eldest son Donald Jr. said when he learned of itInstant separation He has not spoken to his father for a year.

Ivana’s family a Alternate world Compared to that Big city. The former model grew up in the woods, outdoors, hunting and fishing with dad Milos. However, in 1971, she married her first God Four husbands: Austrian Alfred Winklemeyer, ski instructor. In March 1972 he received an Austrian passport; The following year he left his wife and moved to Canada. After a while she was in New York Most popular clubs. She meets a tall, ambitious blonde. “My name is Donald.” It was the year 1976. They celebrated next year A noiseless marriage. Ivana was fully integrated into eighties New York society: business too DishonestBrilliant nightlife, friendship with powerful people.

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“That’s one Amazing girlBeautiful and incredible,” writes Trump, who at one point liked them Marla Maples Later on Melania. But so was Ivana Manager Very efficient, hardworking, a specific the nose And a good deal Creativity. She actively participated in her husband’s projects: The Trump Tower at Fifth Avenue and Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He had a formal position on the board: vice president Interior design, but he was actually Trump’s most sought-after adviser for a few years. A role that fell to his daughter forty years later, They areAdvisor to the President of the White House.

After the divorce, Ivana was alone Hero of World view. He has written several books (can’t remember any). She remarried a third time to an Italian. Riccardo Masucchelli In 1995. Then two more important statements. First with Gaetani from L’Aquila D’Aragona. Second withActor and model Rossano Rubicondi
. The two got married in 2008. The ceremony was celebrated Trump’s sister, Judge Marianne Trump Barry. Newspapers caught fire. He was 36, she was 59. And this time it didn’t last long: just a year. Rossano and Ivana took another ten yearsfor that The joy of magazines and broadcasts gossip. In 2019, Rossano died at the age of 49. Ivana, upset, he commented: “Enough, I’ll stop here.” She spent the last few years as a secret, but of course in luxury Best part of New York, Miami and Saint Tropez.

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