The EU gas emergency plan is a one-size-fits-all reduction from a 15% cut, which is why Italy is against it

On top of that Proposed by the European Commission Some European governments are pushing back on reducing gas consumption in the 27 EU countries, a strategy that has evolved following the Ukraine war and further cuts in supplies from Russia. Among them is Italy. At this stage, the aim is to reach an agreement on the energy package by Tuesday 26 July when energy ministers arrive in Brussels. Time is running out and we need to find the right balance, but there is no shortage of distances.

Negotiations continue

The body of “permanent representatives” of each member state, i.e. their respective EU ambassadors, who express their governments’ positions, will meet again on Monday 25. Under the Czech presidency, negotiations will resume. All these lead to changes in the text.

Opposition from the South (and Italy).

The Commission proposal does not particularly like the countries of the South (from Spain to Portugal to Greece, but Poland, although it does not belong to that geographical area, is against it) and Italy, in a letter signed by its owner. Mite, Roberto Cingolani, wrote his protest on paper: the target is a 15% reduction in gas consumption and, above all, the same for everyone. As regards the first aspect, to the incumbent Govt Dealing with current affairs The cut Brussels has indicated will be heavy, not slight: minus 8.3 billion cubic meters of gas. Second, it is noted that a linear cutoff does not take into account the characteristic energy mix of different countries. Dependence on Russia, replenishment of stocks, work done in recent years to reduce consumption, the reason is that they are not the same for all member states, so there cannot be a cut stock.

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Consumption is a bond reduction risk

A third aspect of the draft regulation proposed by the European Commission, which has been criticized, gives the Commission the power to declare a state of alert. The council wants to keep it to itself. On the other hand, on the part of the states, there is a fear that once the alert level is declared, the reduction of gas consumption in the EU will become mandatory and no longer voluntary.

Equal mandatory percentage for all in the viewfinder

As for Italy, the same rule cannot be applied to everyone. “Solidarity must be understood to be at the heart of European action – the minister underlined in the letter – requiring a coordinated response based on unity, solidarity and efficiency, proportionality and flexibility”.

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