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Google has removed ads from 60 Russian-funded sites

Some of the results of the action taken: “We have blocked more than 8 million advertisements in accordance with the policy of our important events, in addition, we have removed ads from more than 60 Russian state-funded sites on our sites” Google Following the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, the company said in its periodic advertising security report.

“We acted quickly as an important event and banned advertising that was profitable or circumstantial – Scott explains in an official post. Spencer VP of product management, privacy and protection of Google Ads – This intervention is in addition to our current policy of prohibiting the release of content that incites violence or rejects tragic events. We have taken a number of steps to stop most of our business activities in Russia, including suspending the advertising and advertising service of Russian-based advertisers, as well as suspending the monetization of Russian-funded media on our sites.

In general worldwide, the Advertising Security Report explains that the war on false advertising at the center of 2021 has eliminated more than 3.4 billion ads that violate the company’s policies, and that it has limited more than 5.7 billion ads and suspended more than 5.6 billion. Million Advertiser Accounts. It also banned advertising service with more than 1.7 billion publisher pages and 63,000 publisher sites with “widespread or serious violations”.

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