The latest news from Ukraine. Israel summons Russian ambassador Bennett: Lavrov told serious lies

In Azovstal, many unattainable injuries

Many were trapped in the iron mill and injured Azovstal Like Mario, some of them are very difficult to reach. Svyastoslav said பலமர், Deputy Commander of the Azov Regiment, in an interview with the Associated Press, was determined to protect the plant. “There are ruins. We do not have special equipment. It is difficult for soldiers to collect tons of layers with their weapons, ”he said, adding that the Azovstel plant was littered with mines, rockets, artillery shells and unexploded ordnance.

“The best solution – Palmer said – is our evacuation in this situation. Does it make sense to continue this massacre? I just hope that the evacuation from the steel plant will continue until all the civilians and soldiers in the plant leave,” Palmer said.

Along with the Azov Brigade, Balamar explained, the plant is guarded by the 36th Marine Regiment, police officers, border guards, coast guards and others: Fighting is very difficult because there is, but the militants at the plant will continue until commanded, Palmer said.

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Deputy Commander of the Azov Regiment, Captain Svyatoslav Balamer

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