The latest news of June 13 about the Ukraine war Russia, the crisis and Putin

Military supplies to Ukraine from the West did not arrive “as quickly as they could”. Yuri Zak, an adviser to the Ukrainian defense minister, told the BBC, however, that his government was grateful for the weapons it had received so far from the West.
“We are a little worried, we do not have enough understanding of the extent of the threat and Europe is facing it,” Zack continued, then speaking about the situation in Severdonetsk in the eastern Donbass region. The Ukrainian military continues to defend the city “to the best of its ability,” but it said it would have been “more efficient in repelling enemies and gaining more heavy weapons on Ukrainian soil.” Russia’s military gain, he added. “On average, they fire about 50,000 rounds a day, that is, mortar shells, aerial bombardment, and missile strikes,” he said, adding that “not even a single Ukrainian city is currently in danger.

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