The mod transforms a stray cat into a CJ from GTA: San Andreas

Cat Mod

Because stray exists on PC, there are already mods for the game, and because stray It’s a game about cats, and a lot of those mods focus on that.

We have already shown some here, Like the one that lets you change the color of the playable cat, but this one from Sirgalahad172 is slightly less accurate. He takes the cat and replaces it, As usual nowCJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

“This mode is meant to be a joke because Cj needs a mod in any game out there XD,” the creator says, which is fair enough, but I really like the storytelling possibilities here. I’ve seen people describe CJ’s slouchy look here as “terrifying” online, but I’d rather think about this –and other moderate manifestations—Some wild GT A side mission where CJ is cursed by an evil sorcerer, and doomed to spend eternity drifting through other video game genres, experiencing all they have to offer that the sprawling landscape of San Andrea doesn’t.

If you want to install the mod by yourself, you can get it hereJust know that the first few minutes of the game can be a little worrisome, as all the cats from the front share the same player model, so they’ve got CJ’s new body, but not his physique.

While we’re talking about the topic of exchanging a cat for other animals, here’s another example, even if it’s not strictly a modification. instead of editing strayThis video was actually created dreams on PlayStation 5, and the clever little ginger cat replaced it with…a big, swinging horse. I think this would make it difficult to do all the platform tasks, but it might also make the Zurks easier to deal with since you can just kick them in the face.

You are 🐴, not 🙀 – made in dreams

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