“The more armed Kiev is, the more we advance.” But Russia stalled

A team of three and 12 precision missiles hit a range of 80 kilometers in 40 seconds. M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (Mlrs), a deadly weapon in the theater War RussianUkraineBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised a “gift” to the President of Ukraine, Bojo, yesterday. Vladimir ZhelenskyIn line with Joe Biden’s decision to send similar weapons systems.

In the war in Ukraine, another Russian general was killed: it was Roman Kuduzov. Putin: “We will attack new bases in Ukraine with weapons”

Hours before the announcement by British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, Russian ship missiles hit the Kiev suburbs for the first time since April. “If the tactics of the Russians change, so will our support for Ukraine,” Wallace’s laconic comment. What Zhelensky asked the West against the slow progress of the military was that many warship missile systems from medium to long range Putin Continuous hammering of rockets and missiles at Donbass and Ukrainian cities and towns. “We – as Bojo tweeted – can not see the long-range Russian artillery attack that will level cities and kill civilians. To this end, we will donate a number of missile systems to the Ukrainian armed forces to effectively repel the relentless occupation.

The Kiev army will be trained in the UK. A language compatible with the United States and Eastern Europe is the language of the British (which praises Johnson as “Putin ” anti-Putin leader) but different from the language of French President Macron, who said not to” insult “Russia and Putin. This is in stark contrast to the Holy See, which yesterday filtered out the theme of the suspension of arms supplies to Ukraine, the focus of Thursday’s meeting between Pope Francis and European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen. But even after Germany supplied anti-aircraft armored vehicles to Kiev, Spain was the only country to send anti-aircraft missiles and Leopard A4 tanks (spelled “El Pais”). London’s support is across the board. This includes funding the International Criminal Court’s war crimes trial (whose presidency is Britain). In a phone call with Zelensky, Johnson vowed to put pressure on “other G7 leaders” against the invasion, reiterating his “admiration for the national sentiment of the Ukrainian people in the face of Russian brutality.”

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The fate of the two British mercenaries captured by the Russians is worrisome: the process begins today and they are being executed because they are not part of a regular army and, therefore, are not theoretically subject to the Geneva Conventions. Meanwhile, the Crimean authorities, occupied and annexed by Moscow, have begun a “ratification” that includes the elimination of the British: no words like spoilers, gadgets, selfies, podcasts … the Russians’ response is very powerful. New medium-range missiles promised to Kiev. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stopped there. “Putin has already explained what would happen if new weapons were provided. The only thing I can say is that as long as their range is far from our territory, we will have to move the fort that threatens the neo-Nazi Russian Federation. Andrei Kardapov, head of the Duma’s Security Council (lower house of the Russian parliament), says Russia will attack transport infrastructure (trains and the capital’s airport) and headquarters if more powerful weapons arrive in Kiev. In the message, he admits that the situation in the Ukrainian palace Severodonetsk in Lukansk is “very difficult, we are fighting in the street, our heroes are resisting, but the enemy is in large numbers and powerful.”

Since the beginning of the war, according to Zhelensky, the Russians have fired 2,503 missiles, and in recent days have continued to fire in Mykolayiv in the south and in the Kharkiv region in the north. According to General Mikhail Mijintsev, head of the Russian National Security Control Center, Ukrainian units have “lost 90 percent of their staff in Severodonetsk.” The Ukrainians, for their part, claim to have evacuated the Russian Black Sea Fleet, about 100 kilometers from Odessa. Western observers believe the Russians are wrong (US ISW writes) “All resources must be focused on the same war, so the Ukrainian military has retained the flexibility to launch counter-attacks in other parts of Ukraine. Russia has begun delivering the bodies of dozens of soldiers who died under the protection of the Azovstal steel plant in Ukraine, whose bodies must be identified by DNA.In the Baltic Sea, NATO and Russian alignments confront each other in the mutual luxury of operational performance through planned exercises, but they now take on a completely different meaning in the West. , Involves 4,000 troops, naval assault troops, more than 60 aircraft and 40 ships, including USS Kearsage, 26 fighter jets and 2,400 Marines and sailors. Including an imposing waterfall attack ship between s.

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