The oligarchs seized the mega boats of Chechnya and Usmanov for $ 1 billion.

Milan – The French government has announced the seizure of a boat belonging to a company affiliated with the CEO of the Russian oil company Rosneft, Igor Chechen, at a shipyard in La Chioto, south of France. “The French customs have confiscated the boat Love As part of the implementation of EU sanctions against Russia, the same is true in La Ciudad, the French Ministry of Economy and Finance said in a statement.

The boat is owned by a company in which Rosneft CEO Igor Chechin has been identified as a key partner, the ministry said. “It comes under the freeze measures decided against its owner,” he adds.

The luxurious boat, which is about 86 meters long, can transform the main floor of the swimming pool into a heliport and its interior was designed by renowned interior designer Alberto Pinto, who parked in this courtyard for repairs. April 1. “During the inspection, the ship was arranging for an emergency departure without completing the scheduled tasks”, the Ministry explains in promoting the seizure. This is the third ship intercepted by France as part of retaliation by Russia after its invasion of Ukraine.

The morning news also came that German authorities had seized 600 million boats of the Russian oligarchy. Alisher UsmanovIs very close to Putin and for this reason Approved by the European Union For the Russian invasion Ukraine.

The big hunt for Putin’s oligarchy. Between steel, finance and the Costa Smeralda: Men targeted by the US and the EU are here

By Giovanni Pons

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Posted by News again Forbes He cites three sources in the luxury shipyard and his Dilbar: the 512-foot (156-meter) boat, which has been at the docking site in Hamburg harbor since last October.

Usmanov, Forbes recalls, bought Tilbar in 2016: actually borrowed $ 600 million. Nearly a hundred staff to manage 12 rooms and 24 passengers. The German shipyard Lürssen has been operating for over 52 months and has been called “one of the most complex and challenging boats in terms of size and technology”. There was also talk of anti-aircraft missile systems, but denied by the shipyard’s chief executive: “It has more advanced security systems than any other boat in the world, but these are nonsense”.

Usmanov is listed as one of Putin’s closest aides and became a billionaire by the actions of Metalloinvest, and was one of the first Facebook investors to acquire more than 2% of the stock before being listed on the stock exchange. He also owns 30% of Arsenal, the English football team that left with $ 700 million in 2018, but until yesterday some of his companies were Everton’s sponsors.

In addition to owning a number of real estate properties in Great Britain, near London, Munich, Germany, up to Lausanne in Switzerland, Usmanov also owns a house in Sardinia, where he bought Antonio Merloni’s villa in Romacino. It included several villas scattered south and north of Puerto Cervo, in the Bay of Plenty and in Lycia de Vaca. It is customary to put on a feast for the son’s birthday on the 15th of August, and there are no limits to consumption on that occasion: he usually buys 350 wines from the Sarraw cellars for that feast, while a company in Cochlear fills the pantry. Locals say there are at least 40 villas over a thousand square meters owned by Russians in Costa, and that Usmanov alone employs about 100 people for his property, and now they are at risk of losing their jobs because oligarchs are unlikely to travel. Sardinia Seas’ Summer. In Porto Servo, a ship was built at his expense to allow Tilbar dock, but the mega boat had never appeared in port before. Osmano’s mega jet will usually park in the Olbia Airport hangar, which is very large and has a huge tail view.

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On Tuesday, following reports of EU sanctions against him, Usmanov resigned as chairman of the International Fencing Federation, which he had held since 2008, and issued a statement saying: I believe the reasons used to justify it are false and defamatory and will harm my honor, my dignity and my reputation. I will use all legal means to protect my honor and reputation. “

The boats of other oligarchy these days are trying to escape the sanctions against them. Near Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Cleo, the owner of Russell’s Oleg Deribaska, was announced from the Malலே archipelago, and the Titan, owned by Alexander Abramo, co – founder of steelmaker Evros, has also recently arrived in those waters. One of Russia’s richest men, Vladimir Botan, travels 88 meters nude toward the Sri Lankan-Maldives west of India.

Roman Abramovich’s My Solaris, an oligarchy trying to sell Chelsea, was instead stopped at the Barcelona port, but its owner, though not affected by the blockade, will be captured next. Boris Johnson.

The hunt for oligarchs’ boats could extend to Italian waters, and more precisely in the Adriatic Sea, there is the Galactica supernova, the ship of former oil minister Vagit Alekbero, who controls 25% of the Lukoil hydrocarbon extraction company. The company also has operations in Italy, where it has since 49% acquired Isabin 49% from the Erc de Coron, a refinery in Priolo, near Syracuse, where it controlled 80% in 2014, but has only recently been rumored. Sale. It is not excluded that these measures may now enter the cross-chairs of sanctions set by the EU.

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Alexei Mortashov, Chevrolet’s key partner, was one of the first to quickly lose track of his mega boat, appearing second on the Costa Smeralda’s 142 meters, worth $ 500 million, in the summer of 2021. Dilmar of Osmano. In the North Indian Ocean, east of the Seychelles, was Anse Boutin. Mordoshov is one of the blacklisted oligarchy of men close to Putin, so his legacy is a potential target of sanctions.

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