The red silences of the comrade who died for Putin

Not only Eddie Ongaro Venice Ultras, an Italian who died fighting with Donbass’s pro-Russian fighters, but some newspapers hastily branded him to avoid embarrassment. It’s good to stop there, like the madman who attacked the drunken waitress (for the crime he escaped).

Rather Eddie Ongaro – above all – is a communist and what he does not remember is the fury of his memory above all else. In the name of that ideal, he had decided to fight on the wrong side, that is, on Putin’s side.
“The sacrifice of the ED shows the strength of the proletariat that will lead to the victory of communism,” the Red Star Collective comrades recall. And he himself, in his last post, announced the arrival of the “Front for the Fascists.” In his view, the Ukrainians who are not fascists. But it’s a little important. In the frenzy of war addiction everything is broth, everything is meat for slaughter.

His tragic death reminds us that in this conflict all the ideologies of the twentieth century – from national socialism to communism – are frantically mixed on one side and the other. It is impossible to draw a clear line, dividing everything into a binary system, it is wrong. The story of one particular leftist seeks to remove the link between the post-Marxist world and Russia and deny the extremist craze for any form of authoritarianism, claiming that the security of the Moscow regime was a few red-brown swarms or sticking. With nails to the outskirts of Salvini and Savoni in the shadow of the Kremlin. Very convenient.

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Ongaro’s death unravels the veil of hypocrisy and breaks the wall of peace surrounding the foreign forces of communists fighting in the name of jars and sickles and hammers. Sons of the West, but also the enemies of the West and its culture, in the name of a criminal ideology. Not a disorder, but a well-known story that coincides with its roots.
It can always take the opportunity to reflect on the problems of others and open a discussion within itself. May have dealt with his past demons once and for all.

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