The ridiculous scam of emptying the pockets of motorists

It comes from Asia, where it is a widespread scam and can cost a shocking amount of money to an unfortunate driver who does not know it. Face it. With a simple object in the car, it can be frustrating even if there is a fraudster.

Fraudsters will have incredible imagination if they use it For something creative Many of them can actually find a way to make money with legal dumping very easily. Unfortunately, this does not happen, and every year, around the world, motorists fall prey to ridiculous layers designed by dishonest people, who aim only to make as much money as possible.

Beware of fraud

Each country has its own “special” fraud, tested by dishonest individuals based on local culture. Classic is very popular in Italy Glass fraud While in the US, as we have seen in the past, scammers often use the used car market to entrap unsuspecting buyers or even charge a down payment for non-existent cars!

In Asia, on the other hand, it has spread over the past few years The most insidious fraud Not yet reached us at this time. But insist on “for now”. You only need one thing to do this simple trick: your body! Fortunately, a simple car camera is enough to avoid paying the person trying to deceive you, as in this video.

“Referee, this is a penalty!”

Fraud that does not currently have an official name, but we can put a nickname “Punishment Area” Since it is so reminiscent of an attacker’s play pretending to have experienced a violent confrontation to get a fine from a referee, it goes something like this: When driving at low speed in the city, a man or a woman throws himself against you. Vehicle in the theatrical way. Then, he pretends to hurt himself and yells for help even if you touch or brush him.

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Singapore News Insurance 04_06_2022 Quadromania
“Good car. It’s a shame if you jump in it” (Singapore News)

Frequent cheater Gets his money Because the driver, without being too cunning or timid, pays for the fear that he has done the most severe damage or for not being able to manage the situation. In some countries, such as China, there are those who throw themselves in racing vehicles and risk their lives to get economic compensation when the poverty of certain people is exacerbated.

Motorists have come up with a simple solution to protect themselves against documented fraud in Russia and many Asian countries in general: A nice dashcam mounted on the board It’s best to face the cheater in court, showing that you rarely touched him and that he was the one who “hit” you. Check out this video showing the failed scam: laughter would have only come if it hadn’t been for a scam.

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