The “Side Effects” of Govt’s Disease: Two Shocking Stories from Sardinia in a Hour – Il Dissenziente

Two shocking stories in a few hours from Sardinia.

Sasari, one Pregnant woman Discharge and severe abdominal pain are shown in the gynecological emergency room. She was vaccinated with a double dose and waited for the third dose, but without a buffer. They did not allow her inside. They want to make a molecule but not immediately, before the next day it is not possible. So they send her home, practically awake and waiting. There is not even time to go to the parking lot and the loss is overwhelming: miscarriage. Maybe that would have happened, but where is the health service? Where is the right to immediate help and treatment?
Olbia, A woman with an acute tumor had to go in the “continent” direction to the Jemmelie Hospital in Rome, where she underwent emergency surgery. A single dose of the vaccine is given without the super greenpass. They don’t let it go. Stay in port.

So the Sardinians – like the Sicilians and all the other islanders – were sentenced to permanent abduction. A blockage that other Italians, thanks to good faith, still manage to avoid and reduce for purely geographical reasons. Does all this seem normal to you?

Does this seem morally and ethically acceptable to you?

If this had been the case with some of the settlers on Maghreb Beach, Mimi Lukani’s entire army would have rallied to hear

Some NGOs are violating the law in the name of “human rights”. But this is not the case. In times of epidemics, brave captains disguised themselves with braids and returned to their capitalist and luxurious homes. Moreover, even the most basic and inseparable rights can be tolerated without punishment, consciously, and, moreover, trampled on the side of the good. But you can tell yourself and your friends which side you think supports this horrible legal separation. For me, you make me sick.

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