The top secret trip to Kiev by the CIA leader who changed the fate of the war

The project of Putin Was to invadeUkraine And in a few days it can be defeated by lightning operation. Security Kiev However, he was surprised E He did not believe he would find a stumbling block more than a month after the conflict began. How he did Zhelensky Did he organize his forces to repel the fierce Russian offensive? According to the Wall Street Journal, Ukraine was able to counter the initial stages of the invasion thanks to important information provided by the CIA.

CIA-Zelensky meeting in mid-January

In mid-January, just before the conflict erupted – the Wall Street Journal reveals – William Burns, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, made a secret trip to meet with President Volodymyr Zhelensky in Kiev, sharing with him the directions of the Russian offensive. Attack on Gostomel Airport, north of Kiev. The airport was supposed to be a bridge for the Russians to encourage the arrival of reinforcements with planes and parrots, but the Blitz failed. The Kremlin may have counted on the action of the Fifth Column by its collaborators, either in support of removing Zhelensky or forcing him to flee. At that dramatic moment of the start of the Russian offensive, the United States gave him the means to bring the Ukrainian president to safety. But he refused and continued to stay in the capital to lead the opposition.

First trip

The first visit to the Russian capital in early November was already known, but the newspaper provided unpublished details of this extraordinary mission to an intelligence chief, but not to someone with his diplomatic background. In Moscow, the head of American 007 issued his warning of encrypted contact with the ‘Tsar’, who isolated his home in Sochi, dismissed suspicions of an invasion and criticized the United States for ignoring Russian security demands for years. He added that Ukraine was “not a real country” and, as he later put it, recalled that its borders were drawn arbitrarily by Lenin, and only since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Back in Washington, Putin made no decision, but Burns told Joe Biden that he was strongly inclined to invade. Over the next three months, in a desperate attempt to avoid war, the White House fought to persuade European allies to form a united front as Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholes made empty trips to the Kremlin. But in the end it succeeded, thanks to the CIA’s moves, which foreshadowed the ‘Jarin’ moves.

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The Soviets underestimated Ukraine

The Soviets “underestimated the Afghans in the 1980s” just as the Russians “underestimated the Ukrainians” today. This is a study by US troops in Afghanistan, five weeks after Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine. This is the course of the war compared to the devastation of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan that began in late 1979. It shows that in Moscow they did not learn one of the most important lessons of that defeat: overestimating their military capabilities and misjudging their opponents. Bruce Riedel, who worked on the CIA’s secret plan to help the anti – Mujahideen movement, points to the paradox of recent events: Putin appeared to want to invade Ukraine and restore the glory of the Soviet Union, whose decline has been defined by the Russian president. The greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the last century. “Instead, Vladimir Putin, while speaking to the Washington Post, repeatedly mentions some of the mistakes made by Soviet leaders,” questioning Russian power and not mentioning its own future. ” Comment – he can say it again. “

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