The United States and the Senate are blocking the right to abortion

The ban was widely expected, but it did not calm them down


. Taking defeat as an end in itself – the Senate 50 to 50 split and deep differences over abortion – the Democrats decided to show Republican extremism to the United States and the Americans and to try to persuade voters not to choose the Liberals. Next November election.


Discussion on abortion

The news of the Supreme Court in recent weeks has been revived by leaks. In fact, the articles seem to be aimed at turning Roe v upside down. Wade, 1973 ruling legalizing abortion in the United States. The draft decision, signed by Judge Alito and released by the American media, has provoked excitement and protests across the United States, with women in the field determined to defend their right of choice before the Conservative majority Supreme Court.

Democrats have fled to declare and cover up a war to protect the rights they now hold, which, in their opinion, must be transformed into the law that must now be protected. “We will never stop defending our fundamental freedoms. Americans who tried to punish and control the decisions of women should be remembered in the November election,” the House speaker said.

Nancy Pelosi

. “Unfortunately, the Senate has failed to protect the right of women to choose their own bodies,” Vice President Thunder said.

Kamala Harris


Harsh words also come from Pita

. The president said Republicans’ rejection of the Senate was “an attack on the constitutional rights of women and against the will of the majority of Americans,” and used the opportunity to remind voters to vote for Democrats in the upcoming elections. Biden then assures women: “We will continue to evaluate measures and tools to protect their right to choose, despite the inability of Congress.”

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