They pretend he is alive and take a body to the post office to get a pension

The ridiculous episode is the Irish Post Office in its context, however, staff did not fall into the trap and alerted police.

Those who cover up the death of their loved ones Continue to relax Unfortunately he had already heard it many times, but what the two Irish men did went beyond that. In fact, to get the pension of one of their relatives, both without hesitation one The body was found at the local post office pretending to be alive. The ridiculous episode has a post office in Carlo under its circumstances, however, staff did not fall into the trap and alerted police.

According to local police, one of the two subjects showed up at the post office around 11:30 a.m. Friday, asking if he could get a 60-year-old pension without any authority to do so. . He walked out with a negative response from the staff, however, introducing himself with another person a few hours later. Both approached the counter Holding the pensioner by the hand Who had no strength to stand up. They both said that in fact the person was already dead and when the employee found out, he actually had a heart attack at that time. Police immediately rushed to the scene and began an investigation, the body of the deceased will be autopsied, but the two have not yet been arrested.

The news shocked the local community, beginning with Carlo’s mayor. “I was completely shocked to find out what happened. I always pass it by. It’s a very busy post office. I could not believe anyone could do such a thing,” the mayor said. “I left the house at that moment and saw that the person was not feeling well. The other two dragged him to the ground and supported him “, A local told the Irish Independent. The victim wore a hat on his head and a sweater covering part of his face, but the trick did not work.

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