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From Lorenzo Gromonesi

Valuable allies to the military, their traitors to the Ukrainians should be punished in an exemplary way. Kiev condemnation: 600 civilians in torture chambers in Gershon

From our correspondent
Gramadorsk (Donbass) – for the Russians Ukrainians who want to cooperate are valuable alliesEspecially after finding out at their own expense even in occupied areas Large sections of the population remain hostile. They indicate important targets to be attacked by artillery They will also go to the homes of politicians, policemen and soldiers with the military and make arrests.

But To the Ukrainians they are spies, informants, in short, dangerous collaborators. Should be decommissioned as soon as possible: the logic is to “beat one to educate a hundred”, and exemplary punishments act as a deterrent, especially in these uncertain days when protracted fighting feeds collective fear and weakness. President Zhelensky continues to stress the need for Western assistance to guarantee a “clear military victory on the ground.”. Even where there is currently no fighting, the terrible news does not stop. “According to our information – Tamila Tacheva, Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine to Crimea – About 600 people are being held in cellars in the Kherson area», Where they are placed” in inhumane circumstances e They are subjected to torture“.

The fifth inner column should be deleted. Yesterday morning, the Gramadorsk police were not surprised to spread on social media pictures of their agents who captured a collaborator in nearby Slovenes on the road used by troops engaged in the main battle for Severodonetsk. “He seems to be a spy, a pensioner who handed over the ranks of our artillery to the Russians,” say soldiers shopping at a supermarket in the main square of Gramadorsk.

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The The roar of continuous war, a few kilometers from the eastern suburbs here, Increases urgency. “There is no doubt that enemy spies are lurking in pro-Russian families, they are more in Donbass than anywhere else. This is a situation known after the 2014 warAlexei Ikovlenko, a 47-year-old doctor and spokeswoman for a local military hospital, explains that when we learned that there were some areas in rural and urban areas where Moscow supporters could exceed 60 percent of the population. However, who quickly clarifies: “Since then things have changed rapidly, We estimate that supporters of Putin have now fallen below 10 percent, even in the lowest areas, Undoubtedly contributed to the turning point of the brutality of the war unleashed on February 24. This issue is subtle and at the same time embarrassing for the Kiev government. According to State Attorney General Irina Venedikova, More than 700 cases have been opened by judicial authorities for “high treason.”, In which numbers similar to “cooperativeism” are added. In total, about 1,500 people face lengthy prison sentences.

In one of the first instances, in the early days of the invasion, Oleksandr Karchenko, the 39-year-old mayor of the municipality of Timor, north of Kiev, called on the people to cooperate with Russian troops and “do not listen to hostility.” “Following the national media editions, Kubyansk Mayor Gennady Matshekora, in the south of Kerson, not only offered to cooperate with the invaders, but also provided them with food and fuel, helping to advance into Odessa, which was later blocked by the Ukrainian opposition.

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But the phenomenon of cooperation is very treacherous and distorting. We had a clearer understanding of this by listening to the story of a thirty-year-old resident of a village taken by the Russians north of Mariupol in early May in a displaced person center in Zaporizhia. She was shot dead on the spot when a local spy told intelligence that she was the wife of a senior Ukrainian official. (From which he divorced two years ago) Kharkiv was wounded during the war. “Whistleblowers are dishonest criminals, the dirt of the earth. Many do it for money, to seize victims’ property or to obtain concessions from Moscow.

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