This will be a “long-term crisis” for the Kremlin in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russian television broadcasts throughout the occupied Kerson region – live

The Kremlin says it will be a protracted crisis in Ukraine.

“It will be a protracted crisis in Ukraine,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the American television channel MSNBC, according to the Russian company Interfax. During this crisis, the West has demonstrated its genuine attitude towards Russia, “we will not trust the West again,” he added.

De Mayo: “War on European soil for illegal occupation”

“I am very pleased to participate in this conference and see that we are gathered in the context of the international context of the war unleashed on European soil by the illegal Russian occupation of Ukraine.” Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo addressed a Mediterranean parliamentary session on the “Palermo Conference: The Future of the Struggle Against Transnational Organized Crime”. “In this context – he added – we appreciate the importance of international law and international cooperation as instruments of peace and to minimize the dramatic consequences of conflict.”

Zhelensky: “Focus on Ukraine will not fade”

“The war will last a long time and it will be difficult to compete for the attention of hundreds of millions of people in different countries. But I will do everything I can to keep the focus on Ukraine,” President Volodymyr Zelensky was quoted as saying by Ukrinform yesterday.
“Russian invading forces continue to bomb Ukrainian cities, which shows that Russia is an evil that can only be stopped on the battlefield,” he added.

Russian television broadcasts throughout the occupied Gerson area

The Russian Defense Ministry announced today that Russian television is broadcasting through 24 channels throughout the occupied Gershon region in southern Ukraine. According to the TASS report, experts from the Communications Division of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have restructured the last of the seven towers in the Kherson area to broadcast Russian television channels. Broadcasting of Russian television channels in Gershon and a small part of the region began two months ago.

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