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“A chicken and salad sandwich is too expensive for me 1844 dollarI “: just told this ridiculous story Jessica Lee, 19 years. He posted a video on Tiktok to talk about his wrongdoing. The young lady was fined at the airport customs Australia For not declaring he had food – a sandwich in fact – thus breaching Australia’s Life Safety Act. Ban the importation of food from abroad to prevent the entry of parasites and diseases, thereby protecting the natural ecosystems from any threat.

Violation of the law is a favorite of the 19-year-old: a fine of 3 thousand Australian dollars, almost 1844 dollars. The girl was returning from a holiday in Greece and stopped in Singapore after a long flight and 24 hours of jet lag. There, hungry, she bought A Subway Sandwich With chicken and salad. “I didn’t have time to finish it so I asked the airline staff if I could take it on the plane and they said yes,” she told her supporters. She explained that she couldn’t finish it on the plane. She put it in a bag and forgot about it. Dramatic discovery in controls: Agents told her she was in possession of some undeclared food.

After receiving the fine, Jessica said: “When I asked for the amount, I started cryingI told my story on Tiktok so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else. “The video went viral and reached the subway. The multinational responded that it could not pay the fine, but gave the woman a $1844 coupon from the cost. A bag with sandwiches and gadgets and gifts.

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