Tiger Woods at the Masters: ‘It would be a game time decision’

Woods also played a practice round last week at Augusta National.

The main hero 15 times has a good reputation He wants himself to win under the most difficult circumstancesAnd, judging by his ups and downs on Sunday, he’s regained some semblance of his golf prowess. But playing in Augusta National, a long course known to be unforgiving Height changesIt can be quite a challenge. On Wednesday, on a conference call with reporters, two-time US Open champion Curtis Strange who is now a golf analyst for ESPN called Augusta National “the toughest career in golf.”

Two-time US Open winner Andy North, who is also an ESPN commentator, said he thinks the British Open would be a potential venue to get back into contention with Woods because this year’s venue – St Andrews – is “consistent and an easy walk”.

“Augusta is the last place you thought he could play,” North said.

But Woods won it The first master’s title Twenty-five years ago, in 1997, he carefully managed expectations – for the golf world, and possibly his part – to return to the Tour at several points since the accident.

In mid-February, ahead of the Genesis Invitational, Woods said at a press conference that he worked mostly on chopping, dripping and short irons, but didn’t spend time “seriously” on his long game because of his right leg.

“I’m still working on the walking part,” Woods said afterwards. “My feet were a little off there about a year ago so the walking part is something I’m still working on, working on strength and development in that. It takes time. The frustrating thing is that it’s not on my schedule. I want to be in a certain place, but I’m not.” I just have to keep working. I’m getting better, yeah. But like I said, not at the speed and price I’d like.”

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