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Italy-Turkey: Focus on Draghi Erdogan tomorrow, Ukraine, food and gas crisis

Prime Minister Mario Draghi will arrive in Ankara tomorrow for the third Italian-Turkish intergovernmental summit: the last one took place in May 2012 in Rome. A meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan is part of the ‘sofa crash’ now over. An overall resumption of bilateral cooperation between the two countries, which is already very intense on various fronts. Relations between the foreign ministries of the two countries continue, especially following the outbreak of war in Ukraine. In addition to Prime Minister Draghi – who met with President Erdogan during the G20 in Rome and NATO summits in Brussels – there are Foreign Affairs Minister Luigi Di Maio, Defense Chief Lorenzo Guerini, Interior Minister Luciana Ankaravil Lamorghese, and Ministers Giancarlo Giorgetti (Mize) and Roberto Cingolani (Mite). During the summit, agreements and MoUs will be signed in fields ranging from external relations and defense cooperation to support for micro, small and medium enterprises, sustainable development to driver’s license recognition. The summit also represents an important opportunity to coordinate efforts on the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine, with a strong focus on the food crisis fueled by the ban on small grains and the crisis in Libya. Another chapter in bilateral relations concerns the issue of migration: in 2021, irregular migrants arriving in Italy on the Eastern Mediterranean route departing from Turkey tripled. Both governments are working to make dialogue on the issue more regular and structured.

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