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The EU also bans Nightwolves, Putin’s Hells Angels

In addition to the maintenance and rehabilitation package approved yesterday, the Council of the European Union further extends the list of sanctioned subjects to Russia for the war in Ukraine, adding 54 individuals and 10 legal entities. Among those admitted, explains High Representative Joseph Borrell, is the Nightwolves motorcycle club, Nochnye Volki in Russian, born in the Soviet Union in the 1980s and inspired by the American Hells Angels. However, unlike the Californian bikers, the Russian Night Wolves are so close to power that they are nicknamed Putin’s Angels, Putin’s Angels. The Russian president is an honorary member of the Nochnye Volki, who owns a small business empire and marches with them on a three-wheeled Harley Davidson, military historian Joseph Micallef reports at
Devoted to the Orthodox Church, they are anti-gay, anti-feminist and anti-Western. In addition, they act as a complementary militia to Putin. Apart from the club, its founder Alexander Zaldostanov, who was born in Crimea in 1963, was hit by an asset freeze and a travel ban to the European Union.

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