Towards the closure of Ukraine, Erdogan Phosphorus and Tardanelles to Russian warships: “This is a state of war”

“This is not a military operation, it is officially a state of war.” Mevlot KavusokluTurkish Foreign Minister did not use half the measures: In an interview with CNN Turk, following the Russian attack on Ukraine, Ankara It could close the route for Russian warships to the Black Sea via Tortonelles and Phosphorus. There TurkeyThe minister said the letter would be implemented Conference Off Montreux 1936, regulates naval traffic across the Turkish Strait and guarantees the possibility of Ankara Close Access to the Black Sea for warships in the event of an open conflict. The demand to prevent Russian ships from entering the Black Sea has already been formulated Kiev In recent days, and yesterday the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky He said, “The passage of the passage Black Sea This is very important for Russian warships. ” Twitter In it he thanked the Turkish leader Recep for his support தையிப் Erdogan.

At this time, Turkey is not yet official Closed Strait but if so, Russian warships would have the right to cross the Tortonelles and Phosphorus and return to their bases. Black Sea. It was established by Article 19 of the Montreux Agreement. This will allow for a situation Ankara At the same time we must support Kiev without letting go of the anger of the Russian president Vladimir PutinErdogan Erdogan has a close relationship, considering that Russia and Turkey are enemies in other conflicts. Syria Or inside Libya. However, Ankara has already warned Moscow. Abuse should not happen, ”he said Kavusoklu About the right of way for warships wishing to return to their Black Sea bases. Phosphorus We have to go back to the site, ”the minister said.

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