Twenty-seven green light for the Ukrainian nomination. The Council of Europe is also right for Moldova. Conflict in the Balkans

“You are part of our European family, and today’s decision by the leaders confirms that.” Chairman of the Commission Ursula van der Leyen Thus changes Ukraine, Moldova And Georgia After a few minutes of white smoke on top Twenty-seven Following the recommendations of the Executive Committee a Kiev And the status of the candidate countries for entering ChişinăuUnion.

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Ukraine, green light for candidacy

The very sluggish formula for Tbilissi reaffirms the “European perspective” of heads of state and government, but it will only get the green light once the conditions set by Brussels are met. “It simply came to our notice then. The future of Ukraine lies within the European Union, ”the Kiev leader tweeted Volodymyr ZhelenskyWho spoke at the summit as colleagues in Moldova and Georgia.

The first step in starting the access process for Ukraine and Moldova (a process that takes years), however, was confusing in the afternoon and the discussion was longer than expected. Slovenia and Austria, in particular, have set their feet on unfavorable treatment in the extension document obtained from the Balkan states. Eventually, a compromise was reached between Bosnia and Herzegovina, which, in the approved edition of the final document of the summit, amended the commitment paragraph, calling on the hitherto dubious commission and reporting on the progress without delay. The candidate who has been waiting for six years was made by Sarajevo considering the status and recognition of the country. Countries such as Bosnia, Albania, northern Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo have been knocking on the EU door for years, but yesterday morning – at the regular summit uniting the six countries of the region and the twenty-seven EU countries – despite the possibility of a sprint instead of an expansion to the east. “It is clear that we need to discuss here the need for Europe to really be capable of withstanding expansion – said German Chancellor Olaf Scholes.” Achieving this goal is now a question, of course, with a large majority.

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A boomerang for the union. The press conference scheduled for the end of the summit was soon canceled, much to the chagrin of Belgrade, Tirana and Skopje. Albanian Prime Minister Eddie Rama spoke bluntly: “It is a shame that one NATO country, Bulgaria, is holding the other two NATO countries, northern Macedonia and Albania hostage in our backyard in the midst of a war, and that 26 EU members are determined and powerless to stand up to the Bulgarians and the Macedonian. The point of contention is that the former have so far been reluctant to begin negotiations with Skopje, yet an open attempt to displease the Macedonians has been recorded in recent days, with the French leadership of the Council finalizing a compromise, which is now being explored in the Bulgarian parliament, which has sparked a government crisis in Sofia.

In the arms chapter, however, the leaders have chosen the most subtle language: the results confirm the political commitment to “work quickly in military support” in Kiev, but there is a technical-financial way to get there. From the text, after a decisive pressure from Germany among others, the European tool for peace (Epf, in English), in the three months so far used to split the Union’s extra budget, four 500 million euros worth of checks support the purchase of Kiev war materials. However, the EPF will be “just” 5.7 billion euros until 2027, so governments are beginning to think of alternative funding options to continue providing military assistance to Ukraine.

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