“Two generals killed”: Kiev’s hunt for Russian officials continues

Two General According to the Directorate of Intelligence, the Russians were reported killed near Kerson Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. One third will be in critical condition. According to international sources, the number of senior Russian military officers killed on the battlefield has risen to at least 18 since the beginning of the Ukrainian invasion. Yesterday, the Ministry of Defense in Kiev recalled that the Ukrainian army attacked the 49th Russian command post near the southern city of Gershon.

Security post

On the side FacebookThere is the Ukrainian Ministry Explained How the attack and assassination of the two commanders took place: “On April 22, 2022, the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a devastating strike on the checkpoint of the 49th General Army of the Russian occupation forces, which, contrary to war instructions and public knowledge, was placed near a commercial complex in the Kerson region.“In a confrontation, two Russian generals may have lost their lives. Their names are not yet known.”Two generals of the occupants were removed as a result of the impact, one seriously injured and, in critical condition, evacuated.“Closing the post with a note for the Ukrainian people:”Military intelligence is constantly searching for important targets to inflict maximum damage on the occupiers of our Ukrainian land! Glory to Ukraine! “

All the commanders were killed

Before today, 16 generals, generals and other ranks such as Russian colonels and captains had lost their lives. Chronologically the last was General Yakov Resantchev, 48, Commander of the 49th Army of the Southern Army District. Five days ago, Andrei Mortvich, commander of the 8th Army in the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, was the fifth general to die at the hands of Ukrainians killed by artillery shells in the city of Chernobyvka. , Near Kherson. Mortvich’s name has been added to the names of four long-time generals: Vitaly Gerasimov, Andrei Kolsnikov, Oleg Midyev and Andrei Tsukhovsky, all veterans of the Russian Federation’s war against Chechnya in Georgia for the past thirty years. , Syria and the Donbass.

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Because Russia has lost so much

According to some sources, The Kremlin He will be deeply annoyed by the loss of some of his top generals: some experts have suggested that there may be several reasons for the fall of senior Russian officials: electronic communication devices will be so unreliable that generals will be forced to move on first. . If so, deputy executives will be “too scared” to make quick decisions. However, the reasons are not only internal: as we have seen above Over insideUkrainians can hope for the best Snipers Capable of targeting key characters when the Russian command chain is broken. Analysts believe that Russian commanders have experienced a higher death toll than any other conflict since World War II.

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