Two schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria found 8 years later

Discovery –

The girls were found in different locations on June 12 and 14 by General Christopher Musa, Army Commander of the 26th Regiment of the Nigerian Army. First,

Eve Joseph

, Troops were with other civilians near Bama when they attacked the Boko Haram camp. The other one,

Mary Tauda

She was with her child near the village of Enkoshe on the border with Cameroon.

Evidence –

Some of the girls who escaped from prison said they were taken away

Sambisa Forest

Location of Boko Haram site, and

Divided between Christians and Muslims

: Muslims forced to marry militants; The same thing happened to Christians who agreed to convert to Islam. Christian students who refused to convert were enslaved, forced to sleep outside and work hard, as well as cooking for the militants, treating the wounded and burying the dead. Their bodyguards divided them into small groups and moved them to various sites in Boko Haram to hide them.

“We were abandoned and no one noticed us. They didn’t even give us enough food,” Eve Joseph said. Mary Dowda, says she was

Forced to marry

With several Boko Haram fighters before managing to escape. “They make you starve – he said. – If you refuse to pray they will beat you”.

The story of other abducted girls –

Of the 276 students abducted so far,

Over 57

They were able to escape as soon as they were abducted.

The other 80

They were released due to the intervention of the Nigerian army or in exchange for some captive commanders of Boko Haram.

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Many others

Women however still turn out

Missing for eight years


According to UNICEF, 27,000 people have died since the beginning of the terrorist uprising in northern Nigeria since 2009. 1,400 schools have been closed in the northeast of the country and more than 2,200 teachers have been killed. At least 2.8 million children do not have access to basic education. Many had to leave their homes and are now in refugee camps for displaced persons or neighbors.

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