UEFA Champions League Live: Villarreal vs Liverpool Score

Villarreal, Spain – Liverpool know better than anyone that there is nothing so dangerous in the Champions League Assuming the matter is settled. There was a reason Jurgen Klopp didn’t give Anfield their usual jubilant celebration after beating Villarreal 2-0 last week. Nobody should go wrong in thinking that Liverpool’s place in the final is safe.

Villarreal, as manager Unai Emery said, will need to produce the “perfect match” to prevent Klopp from leading Liverpool to their third final in five years, but he has reason to hope: Bayern Munich lost to Villarreal at La Ceramica. in the quarter-finals. Gerard Moreno, the focus of his attack, should return to the team despite the injury. And she will be able to count on a boisterous and unwavering home audience.

Villarreal, a quiet and privileged place on the outskirts of the industrial city of Castellón, is not an obvious bear pit. He spent most of the day showering in heavy rain. Its streets were quiet, even two hours before kick-off, and the only noise was made by the fans of both teams exchanging songs cheerfully.

But it is, Emery said, a deeply loyal place: Most shop windows are decorated in yellow and blue for the occasion. As the clichés go, nearly half of the city’s population will be on the field watching Emery’s team attempt a miracle. Another miracle, that is: the first is Villarreal, a team from a town of this size, are here in the first place. Emery’s team must be perfect. But all it takes is a goal, and perfection doesn’t seem impossible. Klopp and Liverpool know this better than others.

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