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The Italian navy has the capacity to mine Ukrainian ports, which it has already done in the past in other areas. But these are “too laborious and certainly not fast” and will require a “ceasefire between the parties and an adequate security structure”. To speak ANSA Possibility of a mission hypothesis – involving Italian assets – Admiral to release conflict-blocked grain ships in Ukrainian ports Giuseppe de Giorgi, Former Navy Commander.
“It simply came to our notice then Facing water Ports and the southern coast of Ukraine.
They are, above all, my fields aimed at countering possible Russian waterfall activities. To be effective, landmines must be ‘dense’ with enough mines. So there are several hundred tunnels, mostly located in the foothills. It is a type of device that explodes when it hits the hull of a ship. Magnetic influence cannot be ruled out by the so-called mines or by the pressure waves caused by the ship passing over them, but I believe in a lower percentage ”.

The Italian navy has assets in the demining mission. “We have to hire – Admiral notes – Quaida and Lerrick type landminesI, Warrickano’s underwater crew, variable deep sonar, remotely piloted underwater drones, submarine support submarines for submarines and a command ship. “There should also be a security structure guaranteed by escort ships. These are not operations to be carried out in a few days. Each mine, in fact, he insists,” must be individually detected and neutralized by underwater operators or remote pilot drones. “..

However, this would not be an unprecedented move for the Armed Forces. In 1984, de Giorgi recalled, “After the Yom Kippur War between Israel and Egypt, we participated in an international demining operation on the Suez Canal with a 14 / o naval team consisting of three landmines and a support ship. Then, in 1987, the Italian navy sailed into the Persian Gulf 3. Saw warships, a supply ship, a submarine and three landmines in operation.

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These are not risk-free interventions. “Mine Clearance – Admiral Explains – This is inherently dangerous. It requires a long time, good weather and the absence of outdoor disturbances. It is clear that this kind of action will require a ceasefire between the parties and an adequate security structure.
After demining, ships carrying grain must depart with adequate security service, including ships Frame class and ancillary vessels. But here, too, dangers lurk.

“A binding condition – the former commander-in-chief underscores – is that both sides will have to accept a ceasefire on that water, otherwise it will not be released as it risks turning into a naval war against the Russian navy. What credibility does Russia’s promise not to have and Russian ships “.

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