Ukraine, Biden: Russian invasion soon | Moscow: We are forced to react without guarantee

Biden: “Russia is preparing false flag operations”

“We have reason to believe,” the US president underlined – Russia is preparing a “false flag” operation in Ukraine. According to US Secretary of State Blingen, Moscow can “detect terrorist attacks, launch drone strikes against civilians, launch chemical weapons and expose false mass graves.” Biden held an interview with Prime Minister Drake. Both leaders have “reaffirmed their commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” and are prepared to impose “severe economic costs if Russia invades.”

Tension in Donbass, a kindergarten bomb

Meanwhile, in Donbass in eastern Ukraine, tensions have risen over the separation of forces of pro-Russian separatists in Kiev: Ukrainian military command separatists have accused Stanitsia of firing bullets at a refugee building in Luhanskaya. , Two civilians were injured, and half of the city was cut off from electricity; He denied the separatists’ claims that Ukrainian forces had attacked them in the first place.

EU: “Minsk agreements violated”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tweeted that “the pro-Russian bombing of the refuge in Stanytsia Luhanska was a great provocation”, and Boris Johnson identified it as a “false banner operation designed to discredit the Ukrainians.” The EU strongly condemns: “The indiscriminate attack on civilian infrastructure is completely unacceptable and reflects a clear violation of the ceasefire and the Minsk Accords.”

Blinking to the UN: “I’m here to avoid a war”

UN in New York At the Security Council, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken implicitly referred to the speech of his predecessor, Colin Powell, in 2003, citing unsubstantiated and misleading intelligence to justify the US invasion of Iraq. I say clearly. I have come not to start a war, but to avoid one, “Blinken said before explaining Washington’s hope that Russia’s strategy would be to launch an attack on Ukraine.

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US: “Moscow wants to find an excuse to attack”

“Russia – Blinken announced – wants to find an excuse, we do not know what form it will take. Russian Deputy Secretary of State Sergei Vershin responded by saying that the military scenes proposed by US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen were “regrettable and dangerous.”

“Russia incites genocide in Donbass in UN document”

Moscow has submitted a report to the United Nations alleging that the Ukrainian military has committed crimes against residents of the eastern Donbass region, according to the Wall Street Journal. In particular, he condemns the “genocide of the Russian-speaking Donbass people.”

Russia’s final warning: “forced to react without guarantees”

Russia responded in writing to US and NATO plans for European security, complaining that “Moscow’s red lines and basic security interests are being ignored” and urging the withdrawal of “all US armed forces and weapons stationed in the country.” ‘While the Middle East and Southeast Europe and the Baltic States are unwilling to accept guarantees that are firmly and legally bound to the security of the United States and its allies, Russia will be forced to react to the threat of it, even to the implementation of technology. – Military operations “. However, without specifying what kind of operations they are.

The main feature of Ukraine’s entry into NATO

At the same time, Moscow said it was ready to discuss limitations on sending missiles and other confidence-building measures. Meanwhile, Zhelensky made it clear to the BBC that NATO was the only option for Ukraine: a “security guarantee” for NATO member states, without any compromise, he said. Gen. Jens Stoltenberg responded at a distance: “NATO’s doors will remain open and decisions on membership will be made by NATO and its allies.” This is a central issue because Ukraine’s entry into NATO is between the red lines indicated by Moscow.

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Italy is trying to mediate

The Russian-Ukrainian crisis sees the Italian government as increasingly a hero in diplomatic exchanges. He first met with Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo in Moscow, where he met with his counterpart Sergei Lavrov, and then asked the Prime Minister of Ukraine Troy to recommend a meeting with Putin, and finally I recommend the invitation of the Russian President. Goes to the Kremlin. In short, Italy is playing at a high level in the international diplomatic network set up to prevent the outbreak of conflict.

The dragons work to get Zhelensky and Putin to sit around a table

Although Gelensky’s call was addressed to “others around the table,” Drake expressed his displeasure at the conclusion of the informal European Council meeting in Brussels on the crisis. “Obviously this is not easy, but the goal is to get Zhelensky and Putin to sit around a table,” the prime minister warned. While waiting for a difficult confrontation between the two rivals, the enterprise machine has already been activated to allow the meeting of Drake and Putin in Moscow “as soon as possible”.

But the path of conversation seems to be upwards Signs of easing the Russian military presence became inconsistent. “Basically the situation is the same as it was a few days ago. These episodes are not being taken as seriously now as they were announced to be intensifying. So we have to be prepared for any eventuality,” Draghi told a news conference in Brussels.

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